A Resource for Ministers

We hope that those who preach and teach the Word will discover many helpful resources on this website under “Learning Links” and elsewhere, and please do not overlook the Bible and Phone Minute.


…As a daily devotional the Bible & Phone Minute is for everyone, but the book may also be a helpful resource in sharing Biblical truth with others. Here are some reasons it is recommended for ministers and Bible Study teachers:

A. Highly treasured Bible passages from nearly every NT chapter are included in the book plus a few passages from the OT. You can easily locate these scriptures on the “Contents” page of the book.

B. The tiny comments in the book on each Bible passage may be helpful. They are written to help the reader/listener focus on and make a self-application of the passage.

C. The pages below share additional commentary on each of the Bible passages in the book. They include questions to probe thinking, illustrations, other related scriptures, poems, self-application thoughts, etc. This is the same material shared with teachers that are using the book as a Bible study guide. Feel free to adapt and use anything that is helpful.

(click to open: the password is Bible)

Matthew 1 — Luke 2

Luke 3 — Acts 9

Acts 10 — Ephesians 2

Ephesians 3 — Revelation 22


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