Teachers: A Free Bible Story Book for Every Child in Your Class, Ages 6-12

Recent feedback from Gayle S. – My Sunday School children loved these books! Thank you for sharing Jesus in such a loving way!

Are you a Christian teacher looking for additional resources to help your boys and girls connect with Jesus? We want to help because we believe Bible Stories to be a very powerful tool in the hands of a praying teacher or parent. We know God’s Word is as “good seed” and when planted into fertile soil, it has potential of bringing forth much fruit for God’s glory.

Contact information is near the bottom of the page and also a link to more information about the book series.

GRANDPA’S FAVORITE BIBLE STORIES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS (2 book series) – If you teach children…at your request, you will receive enough copies of the 1st book in the series for every child in your class. I am suggesting a 6-12-week teaching unit on the “12 True and Very Special Stories about Jesus.”

If you are interested, please get your request for free books in soon. We reserve the right to limit this offer to the first 3 teachers that apply each month if necessary because it can only happen as resources are available.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Teachers will receive one free copy of the book for evaluation. If you decide to use the book after looking it over, you will receive enough free copies for every child in your class including free shipping.
  2. Please read the suggestions below.

SUGGESTIONS on how teachers can use Grandpa’s Favorite Bible Stories for Boys and Girls:

Every child in your class should have a book in their hands as you go over a story together. You can hand out books at the beginning of each session and collect them at the end; however, children should know that when all the stories are covered they will keep their book and take it home with them and hopefully with the desire to share the Bible Stories about Jesus with others.

Two ways to use the book:

For Sunday School Teachers, I am suggesting a 6-12-week teaching unit (or 6-12 days for Christian Schools) on the “12 True and Very Special Stories about Jesus”; and you may use the free books in either of the following ways.

  1. Use each story as a 10-minute or longer fill-in to supplement something else you have planned for your class. If you keep things moving, it only takes about 2 minutes to read each story and another 2-8 minutes for children to discuss the questions at the end of each story.
  2. I think a better way is to use one story each session as the main and/or only activity planned for your class or some teachers may choose to cover two stories during a teaching session.

You will come up with your own ideas, but I am suggesting that a creative teacher can expand each 2-Minute Bible Story into the total lesson for their class by doing some of the following:

a. After reading the title, introduce the story by relating it to the lives of children in as many ways you can; also, discuss the picture before reading the story. For example, in the story of the man that climbed a tree to see Jesus, page 15, you can ask questions like – Do you see the man in the tree? Who is standing on the road? Who is Jesus talking to and what is he saying? Why do we not see the faces of the people on this side of the road or at the bottom of the picture? etc.

b. Announce that you are going to read the story (as they follow along in their book) and ask the questions at the end; but after that you will ask someone else to volunteer to read the story again, and together you will try to think of other questions we should ask about the story. If children are too young to read on their own or you have no confident volunteers for the second reading, a good activity to help children become better readers is to read the story sentence by sentence (or part of a sentence) and then ask the entire class in unison to re-read the same sentence or the same part of the sentence after you.

c. It is not necessary, but if you have access to the internet you can even ask your class if they want to listen to the author reading the story as they follow along in their books. There is a link after each story that leads to my reading the Bible Story online.

d. After reading the story from the book, also read it from the Bible to verify that it is a true Bible Story. The reference is given in the title of the story.

e. Challenge someone (or the class together) to re-tell the Bible Story in their own words without looking at the book.

f. It will take planning, but most children really like acting out stories and some of the stories in the book are very good for acting out.

g. Come up with a memory verse that relates to the Bible Story and help children memorize it.

h. I think your children will really like the stick figure illustrations because that’s what they use in their drawings and creativity. For some of the stories with less detail in the illustration, you can ask your class how long they think it would take them to draw a picture about the Bible Story and challenge them to do so. Children should sign their drawings and perhaps with your added happy face they are ready to post on the walls at church for a couple weeks before taking them home for the refrigerator.

Why is the author making this unusual offer of free books? Because I believe something really special can happen in your classroom with every child having a book in their hands as you read and go over the Bible Stories together, and I thank you if you allow me to become a part of it. Please make sure your children read and/or hear my words to them in the first paragraph on the back of the book.

Contact: Text or call Elmer at 740-412-5329 to receive one free book for your evaluation. Just let me know if you are a teacher (or pastor) along with your name and address, and I will put your book in the mail (and the free copies for all children in your classroom will come after your evaluation of the book if requested).

(I’m sorry, but we can only ship to the lower 48 states.)

>>>You can also check at Amazon, but here is a link from my website with information about the book series –…/


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