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home schoo;l2 This page simply highlights menu items at that can be helpful for families in general and especially for those who are teaching boys and girls at home or in a Christian School.

We applaud you for taking on the responsibility of such a high calling, and our prayers are with you. We also realize that finding good resources is important to you, and we hope the activities posted below will help fill in any gaps during your school day or they may be assigned as after school activities (something children and parents can do together). Most are online and free. Proceeds from the sale of any books or games will go to a local Christian School in Circleville, Ohio.

YouTube Bible Stories

How can they help? They can…

1. help children learn the true and biblical view of life.

2. help improve reading skills when eyes follow the text as children listen.

3. help children improve their cognitive skills by finding answers to the look them up questions and the think about it question that accompany each story.

4. make it easier for children to express their thinking and feelings about a Bible Story by drawing their own picture after checking out the simple stick figure picture that accompanies each story.

Please note that you have permission to copy, past, and print copies of the text of YouTube Bible Stories for your students, and don’t forget to include the look them up and think about it questions that accompany each story.

Bible Focus Games

Three Games are available at the present time – The Fruit of the Spirit, Psalms of Praise, and The Ten Commandments. All three games pretty much follow the same order of play and have the same rules. They will be enjoyed by kids old enough to read Bible verses out loud, teens, and adults (including seniors). Players will experience competition, teamwork, the value of patience and alertness, reading Bible Verses out loud, growing in an understanding of the relationship between sowing and reaping, etc. The purpose of the games is not to test one’s knowledge of the Bible but to provide an opportunity for players to think (or meditate) on what the Bible says.

GOOD NEWS… Giving our Voice to Psalms of Praise is just off the press, and The Fruit of the Spirit game has been well received by many different age groups. When it was taught to 6th-12th graders in a local Christian School, some unsolicited comments from students were: “I really like this game; this game is awesome; this is the best game I have ever played.” Senior Citizens also experience a great time of fellowship playing the game together.

Crossword Puzzles and More

Five daily exercises with verses from Psalms of Praise – We could name it the Praise Fitness Club – where you will find Simple, Easy and Enjoyable daily exercises for the Mind and Spirit including:

A. Praise Crossword Puzzles

B. Praise Word Searches

C. Understanding God’s Word of Praise

D. Writing God’s Word of Praise

E. Praise Jigsaw Puzzles

Again, you have permission to copy, paste, and run off copies of the online crossword puzzles, word searches, etc. for your students if you choose to do so.


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