4. Grandpa’s Two Minute Bible Stories

….Please scroll to the bottom of page to find our Front Car Plate.

43523 Elmer Winner2



They are in a book! (Search here) for book information. Your first copy is FREE!


child phone



They are on the phone! Call (740-571-4365) to listen.



Grandpa's YouTube




They are on YouTube! Please visit (Jaime’s website)  where by Jaime’s persuasion and expertise his grandpa reads a new Bible Story for each and every day.


YouTube card back


Because the Ohio law has recently changed and no longer requires a front license plate, several of our Ohio friends are displaying a BIBLE STORIES plate on the front of their car, and I’m hoping for many more friends in ministry from many states to do the same because you agree with this grandpa (who reads the Bible Stories) that it is really important for kids of all ages to read and/or listen to Bible Stories on a regular basis.

Is it possible that the plate can become a means of sharing your faith and helping you sow the seed of God’s Word into the mind and heart of some child, parent or grandparent? Please pray that the Bible Stories will connect with those that need to hear them, and please consider joining others who are helping by putting a plate on YOUR CAR.

The plate is free, and we will cover the shipping if you let us know you want it and send your address by Facebook message, email ( or text (740-412-5329).

…or you may order it here online if you prefer and want to help pay for shipping and PayPal fees.

Front Car Plate

to help with shipping and PayPal fees


THANK YOU, and God bless you for believing that if the seed of God’s Word is sown into the hearts and minds of today’s children, there is great potential that among tomorrow’s adults there will be fruit bearing Christians spreading love, joy and peace in this very needy world.


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