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L I F E  is God’s gift to us to be lived out “in truth and love” by God’s grace and through faith in Jesus. Let us be encouraged and determined to take the higher road and live life God’s way.  (ew)


 10 minutes 

TEN MINUTE BIBLE STUDY, Listen Online or by Phone

The Gospel of John 1:1-18

 It is true! God has given us his Word as a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, and the Gospel of John is a rich portion of the green pastures and still waters provided by our Good Shepherd who cares for his sheep and leads us into paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

The first 18 verses make up the prologue (or an overview) of the book; and it is rich in precious themes, truths and eternal verities that are repeated over and over throughout the book. It will take many ten minute segments just to begin to take in some of the deep truth God has given us in the first 18 verses of John’s Gospel.

If you have 10 minutes, PLEASE begin the journey with us, and let’s see where it leads.

 Listen online…more to follow, the Lord willing:

Lesson 1: Overview of John 1:1-18

Lesson 2: John 1:1,14

Lesson 3: John 1:14

Lesson 4: John 1:14 cont’d.

Phone number and access code for lessons 1-3:

Call 302-202-1115, and when prompted…put in the 8 digit access code for the lesson you select below.

Lesson 1: access code 57005007 (overview of John 1:1-18)

Lesson 2: access code 97159395 (John 1:1,14)

Lesson 3: access code 36806785 (John 1:14)



tough love Tough Love or Love Tough?

Have you ever had to administer “tough love” with your children or others? Is there a right way and a wrong way to do so? Please allow me share my approach (learned by on the job training) as an elementary principal in the Columbus, Ohio, for nearly 25 years. Maybe it will encourage or be helpful to someone,

What did we do when children went through our training techniques (Motto, Creed, and Pledge, Positive Person Messages, Self-Discipline, Self-Control Techniques, etc.) and some still did not exercise self-control?

First, we must acknowledge there are times when we must pursue the difficult task of moving children beyond the knowledge and understanding levels of learning to the application level. Is there anything else we can do? Yes, there is something else we must do!

In one sentence, here’s what I believe we must do. We must allow children to experience the natural and unpleasant consequences of their own misbehavior, and at the same time continue to communicate that we really care for them and want to help them. There are a lot of different ways of expressing what I am suggesting in this statement. It could be called mixing mercy with judgment, a proper balance between firmness and fairness, etc. Someone has summed it up in simply two words, “tough love!” Now notice the two parts in the one sentence statement:
1) “Allow children to experience the natural and unpleasant consequences of their own misbehavior,” (being tough) and 2) “at the same time continue to communicate that you really care and want to help them.” (doing it in love).

This teaching method as it relates to discipline is simply recognizing there comes a time when we must allow children to experience the relationship between choices and consequences. What we do, in disciplining children, is usually more important than what we say; and when we allow children to experience the consequences of their choices we are helping them learn from real life experience that they are responsible for their choices. Wrong choices (misbehavior) must consistently result in consequences that are unpleasant for the child, but at the same time, the unpleasant consequences must be administered in a caring manner and only for the purpose of helping the child. I believe it is always important to include both parts of this method in disciplining children.

We must not forget that children are children, and their most important need is to know they are loved by the important people in their lives; and as Mother Teresa said, “The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty.” She also said, “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do…but how much love we put in that action.”

Each child is different, but all children need room and freedom to explore and do a lot of things. Don’t say “no, no, no” all the time; find ways to say “yes” as often as possible. Regarding misbehavior, prioritize and work on the biggest problem area first; when that is resolved, the others will work out more easily. “Success breeds success.” I’ve seen it happen many times.

When we use “tough love” correctly and consistently, I believe we will find it to be a very effective approach in helping children break a bad habit without breaking the spirit of the child; AND IS THIS NOT CONSISTENT WITH THE WAY GOD WORKS WITH US?


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