Choosing to Live Life God’s Way

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path”      (Psalm 119:105).

God's Way

This site is an effort to share free and non-profit resources for help in living life God’s way. Oh, let us walk (and help others to walk) in “truth and love” by God’s grace and through faith in Jesus. Amen!

 TO NAVIGATE — just make any selection that matches your interest either from the top menu or the more detailed descriptions below.   


Audio Bible Plus, Read and listen to the Bible being read at the same time through BibleGateway plus a tiny comment on nearly every Bible chapter by A.R. Wells written back in 1908. These online pages are free and especially helpful to those who love to read through the Bible each year.

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Grandpa’s Two Minute Bible Stories  free by YouTube or phone (740-571-4365); a daily devotional book of Bible Stories for children and for those that love and care for children.




The Bible and Phone Minute, a daily devotional for Teens and Adults with free audio by phone (206-209-1258) or computer. 1 minute x 365 days = 1 year of working your way in chronological order through Bible passages  from most New Testament and some Old Testament chapters. Also recommended for Bible study groups. 


The Power of Caring for Elementary Schools, Success Secrets for Principals, Teachers, and Parents. Especially helpful to Christian teachers and principals that work in public schools. How important is it to communicate that we really care, and how do we do it?  Stacey Lungren, author of True Bucket Filling Stories, said: “This book should be required reading for student teachers and suggested reading for all other teachers and administrators…and parents as well.”

fruit3 The Fruit of the Spirit ...a Bible focus game that is more than just a game. This may be just what you are looking for your family and friends and/or to begin a special ministry for teens and adults (including seniors) in your church or community. 




Gems of Gold, Begins with some of my favorite Bible Poems and Inspirational Poems; additional unique pages follow the poem pages with something for  everyone including boys and girls. This is a good place to find “hidden treasure.”


Learning Links, When you have time to browse, please check out this very special collection of nearly 50 links both for learning and effective ministry tools.


ew’s Blog  Keep  coming back to the blog page to discover and share practical tips and inspiration for LIVING IN TRUTH AND LOVE.

10 minutes  Ten Minute Bible Study, listen online or by Phone  Please join us as we graze in green pastures beside the still waters of a very special Bible passage, the prologue of John’s Gospel.




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