Grandpa’s Favorite Bible Stories for Boys and Girls, now a 2-book series

…with book 1 at the top of the page and book 2 at the bottom.

Note: You will find an online SALE OFFER for the 1st book below after the description of the book. Both books are also available at Amazon.

This book (picture almost actual size, 7″x10″, 34 pages) is the result of a GRANDSON and GRANDPA…TEAMING TOGETHER for JESUS.

Grandpa has published another new book really needed by school age boys and girls around the world; and his grandson, Jaime, created the large colorful pictures that illustrate the cover and every story in the book. Each story narrative only takes about two minutes to read, and there are four easy look-them-up questions and one think about it question at the end of each story to help readers connect with the Bible and with Jesus. You can also be sure your children will be attracted to the large stick figure illustrations because that’s what they use in their own drawings and creativity.

Sharing Bible Stories is a powerful tool in the hands of a praying parent or teacher. This book is for kids, but it is also a very helpful resource for parents and teachers; AND YES, I’m asking that you also help if you are able…by giving a copy of this book to that very special family that comes to your mind; and when you do, please add to your gift both prayer and faith. You will be glad you did! (…author, elmer winner)

Back of the Book Message for Boys and Girls


Hello again, boys and girls,

1. I hope you like the large and colorful pictures with stick figures. They were made by our grandson, Jaime. Maybe his pictures will inspire you to draw your own pictures for some of the Bible Stories. Make sure you put your name on your artwork before you give it to someone special.
2. After each Bible Story you will find questions for kids that like a challenge. I know most kids like a challenge, and finding answers to the look them up questions and the think about it question can help train your mind to think better and maybe even improve your grades at school.

3. If you are just starting to learn how to read, I hope this will be one of those special books where you ask your parents or someone special to read to you a Bible Story every day. As you grow older and become a better reader, I hope you will enjoy reading the Bible Stories to others. In fact, this book can help you become a better reader; and here’s how. After each Bible Story, you will find a website link that brings you to this grandpa reading the Bible Story. If you listen to me read and at the same time let your eyes read along in the book, I believe it can help you become a better reader; and I ought to know because I was a school principal before my retirement.
4. Here’s something even more important. Reading and listening to Bible Stories with faith in our hearts can bring God’s blessings into our lives and make us stronger Christians, and that’s what I want for you more than anything else. I will be praying for you as you read and/or listen to the very special and true Bible Stories about Jesus in this book.

Very Much Appreciated Feedback:

Terry – Such a heartwarming book, Addy loved it so much!!! Every pre teen needs this! Thank you so much for sharing Gods Word!

Walker – Great book to teach children about Jesus’s miracles and the love he has for everyone. The pictures and words are on a level that children will understand. Highly recommended.

Trevor – Elmer did a fantastic job writing this book! The colorful pictures and the simple way he presented each story make this book incredibly engaging for your kiddos! Highly recommend!

Lisa – I have a six year old son and we both enjoyed this book. This book is a great way to teach him about the Bible and God’s love. My kiddo loves the illustrations in the book as well. We have already read it several times.

Joy- Just wanted to say thank you. My 8-year-old loves reading your book.

April – The grandchildren love the book.

Donna – Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with our precious little ones.


ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE can find and order Grandpa’s Favorite Bible Stories for Boys and Girls at Amazon – here’s the link:


ORDER the 1st book in the series DIRECTLY FROM THE AUTHOR for a signed copy at a LOWER price and with FREE shipping through this non-profit ministry. I’m sorry, but we can only ship to the lower 48 states.

Grandpa’s Favorite Bible Stories for Boys and Girls – Free Shipping

12 True and Very Special Stories about Jesus


OR IF YOU LIVE NEAR CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO; you may pick up the books for only $5.00 each.

Note: If you are in a difficult situation financially, please accept a free copy of the book. Click item #9 on this website for details.

Contact for more information: or text or call 740-412-5329


the 2nd book in the series – was JUST PUBLISHED on November 25, 2022. We are thankful that the first book is now in the hands of many boys and girls and moms and dads, and may their number increase more and more; and please be assured that all the features and extras in the first book are also included in the second. God bless you as you do what you can to help your family and friends connect with Jesus and with one another. Jesus loves you!

(Picture includes the back and front of the book)

Please find this 2nd book in the series at Amazon


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