8 b. Helping Children Become Better Readers




If in the past many people learned how to read by reading the Bible, can it also be true in our day that many children can become better readers by reading Bible Stories?

I think, yes! Our first and all-important prayer is that the Bible Stories will help boys and girls and moms and dads connect with Jesus and with one another by learning and knowing more about Jesus and of his great love for us, and there is nothing more important for our children to know and believe in today’s troubled world; but as a retired elementary principal I’m confident they can also become better readers at the same time.

Here’s one way it can happen…

After each Bible Story, you will find a website link that brings you to this grandpa reading the Bible Story. If children listen to me read and at the same time let their eyes read along in the book, it will help them become better readers because children learn to read by reading.

And here is another (and even better) way it can happen…

Of course, you will read the stories to younger children; but when you sense the time is right, I suggest that you read the first sentence in one of the Bible Stories (or part of longer sentences) as your child looks on and then ask your child to read the same words. You might even put your finger under the words as you read them. Do the same with sentence two, three, etc. until you finish the entire story. It will not take long because the stories are short, and if the time is right both of you will enjoy it. It will bring you closer together and closer to Jesus, and your child will soon be reading with confidence as you repeat the same stories from time to time.

One story per day is recommended in helping your child become a better reader by reading together as described in the above paragraph. If he/she really pushes for more go over the same story again with the promise that we can do the next story tomorrow. In time, and it does take time, your children will be reading their favorite Bible Stories to others on their own without your help; and that will make everyone very happy, especially you!

…And dont forget to discuss the important “Questions for Kids that like a Challenge” at the end of each Bible Story to help build interest and comprehension skills!

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God bless you and your precious family…Jesus loves you!


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