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November 23


Have you ever wrongly judged the actions of a child as misbehavior because you were too busy or preoccupied with other concerns? It may happen more often than we realize, and our inappropriate actions can do a lot of damage to the spirit of a child if our mistake is not discovered and corrected.

I remember a time early in my teaching career (over 50 years ago) when I misjudged and punished a child who did not deserve it. I thought he was making disruptive noises…. When I asked him to repeat the sound out loud so we all could hear, I thought he said, “Not now, pal.” Now those words were disrespectful and it happened back in the days when it was considered appropriate for teachers to use the board of education. I fulfilled my duty and gave him a swat. Another student in the class raised his hand and said, “Mr. Winner, John (not his real name) didn’t say what you thought he said.” And then I learned that in response to my request for him to repeat the sound, he had said, “I don’t know how,” rather than “Not now, pal.”

Of course, I apologized but what else could I do to correct my mistake and regain the respect of John and the rest of the class? I handed John the paddle and asked him to pay me back and give me the swat that I deserved. Fortunately for me, he didn’t want to do it. Of course, several others in the class volunteered to do the job for him; but in wisdom I replied that it wouldn’t work because it was John I had misjudged, not them. I asked John to be the teacher’s helper and errand person for an entire week or something of that nature. He thought it was a good deal, and I escaped from being looked upon as being mean and unfair. I also learned a valuable lesson on the importance of fully evaluating a situation before administering discipline.

Think about it…if YOU have been WRONG with your words or actions toward your family or others, should you apologize in a big way? Is Jesus able to help you become a better person by doing so, and will you be setting a good example for others? …ew

“And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise” Luke 6:31

November 16

BE THANKFUL today, and make every day a Thanksgiving Day!

“How gloomy you look,” said one bucket to another as they were being carried to a well.

“Ah!” replied the second bucket, “I was thinking how usless all this is; for no matter how full we go away, we always come back empty.”

Then the first bucket commented: “What a strange way to look at it. I have always been thankful and happy that, however empty we come, we always go away full.”

Both were filled alike, The difference was in them. What kind of a bucket are you?
…Leroy Brownlow

“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” 1 Cor. 15:17.

What kind of buckets will our children (and others) become if they choose to pattern after us? Stop the gloom and doom today; and hopefully, it will be gone tomorrow. And remember, thanksgiving begins in the heart and not at the table! …ew

November 9


Said an old gentleman on a Thanksgiving Day:
“If you want a good time, then give something away.”

So he sent a fat turkey to shoemaker Price.
And the shoemaker said: “What a big bird!  How nice!

With such a good dinner before me I ought
To give Widow Lee the small chicken I bought.”

“This fine chicken, oh, see!” said the sweet Widow Lee,
“And the kindness that sent it–how precious to me!

I’ll give washwoman Biddy my big pumpkin pie.”
“And, oh, sure,” Biddy said, “tis the queen o’ all pies!
Just to look at its yellow face gladdens my eyes!

Now it’s my turn I think, and a sweet ginger cake
For the motherless Finnigan children I’ll bake.”

Cried the Finnigan children, Rose, Denny and Hugh:
“It smells sweet of spice, and we’ll carry a slice
To little lame Jake, who has nothing that’s nice.”

“Oh, I thank you and thank you!” said little lame Jake;
“What a bootiful, bootiful, bootiful cake!

And oh, such a big slice!  I’ll save all the crumbs,
And give them to each little sparrow that comes.”

And the sparrows, they twittered, as if they would say,
Like the old gentleman: “On a Thanksgiving Day,
If you want a good time, then give something away.”

If we pass on a blessing we have received, perhaps others will pass in on too. It’s something good to think on and to pray about.


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