Albert’s Story for God’s Glory

“…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Hebrews 13:5

Note: Albert Pettet passed from this earthly life at the age of 88 on September 17, 2022, but his story for God’s glory lives on and we trust it will continue to be a blessing to many people for years to come.

Albert’s Story for God’s Glory

First of all, the purpose of these words is to “Give God the Glory.” About 5 years ago, three people came to me and said that I should write a book about my life. At that time, I didn’t want to do it because I thought it would look like I was bragging on myself. Again this year, a friend called and asked me to put my story in writing so he could take it to his church and read it to the people. Still later, when in conversation with two people I didn’t even know, I was asked to put my life story in writing so other people could read about it. Now, with that many people telling me to do it, I came to believe it was of the Lord, and that’s my only reason for sharing these special blessings of God upon my life.

arrowBad Eyes
I had bad eyes from birth and didn’t know it until my parents discovered it when I was six years old. Up until that time, I didn’t know there were lines down the highway and didn’t really know what a tree looked like. My doctor said it was myopia or extreme near sightedness. I have been able to get by most of my life with the help of glasses, but my difficulty in seeing has caused me a lot of problems and has slowly progressed over the years. When I was in the 5th grade, at about the age of 12, I remember reading in the Weekly Reader about the Grand Canyon, Sequoia National Forest, Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, Niagara Falls, the California desert, and the Everglades. I really wanted to see these places, but felt it would probably never happen because of my bad eyes. My dad also told me that I’d never be able to drive a car because of my poor vision, but later with glasses I was able to see well enough to pass the test to get my driver’s license. I was able to drive for 50 years, from 1951 to 2001, before quitting. I had a few minor accidents, but believe that basically I was as good a driver as those with good vision because of the Lord’s protection over me. In fact, the time came when I was even able to visit all those places I had read about in the Weekly Reader.

arrowMy Beginnings with God
My father was a backslider but returned to the Lord and got saved when I was about 14 years old. I also started going to church and got saved a year later. I read my Bible, said my prayers, and tried to live a good Christian life. In high school one day, one of my teachers asked me in front of the class what it meant to be a Christian. I didn’t know what was going on, thinking maybe the teacher was making light of my Christian experience, but later the teacher told me he just wanted the others in the class to know what it meant to be a Christian. I remember another day when one of the boys at school tore a desk from the floor where it had been fastened down with screws. There were eight of us in the room at the time and one by one we were asked if we knew who did it. Each person said they did not know. I was the fifth person to be asked, and the principal said to me, “Albert, we all know that you will not lie,” and he asked me “who did it?” I answered, “You’re right, I will not lie, but neither will I tell you who did it.” The principal said, “We’ll take you to the judge and you can tell the judge.” I told them they could take me to the judge, but I still would not tell who did it. At that, they stopped the questioning and sent us all out of the room. When I was 18 years old, the superintendent of our school came to me saying he could get me Aide for the Blind and I would never have to work for the rest of my life. I turned him down saying that if I could make a living, no one was going to keep me. As the story of my life unfolds, I believe it is clear that God stepped down and made a way for me many times where there didn’t seem to be a way.

arrowMaking It Own My Own
When I was 17 years old, my Father did not have a good paying job. My shoes were cracked open, cutting my feet and causing them to bleed. When I asked dad for new shoes, he said it would be at least three weeks before he could afford to buy them. I then made up my mind that I could make it on my own rather than depending on my dad. I snuck out of the house at about 11:00 p.m. and went to my grandmother. She bought me a pair of shoes and told me she thought a neighbor would hire me to work on his farm. I worked for him until I finished high school. He was a school bus driver, and I got up at 6:00 a.m. every week day and worked for him until he came back from driving the bus. Then, he let me drive his truck to school, but I had to get it back in time for him to run his evening bus route. Since I arrived late and left early, my schedule at school included no study halls in order to work in all my required classes. During my senior year there was a problem with scheduling. I was told they did not have a schedule that would fit my time frame and work in a required class I needed to graduate. When I suggested that I might have to change schools, arrangements were made for a teacher to teach me the required class while she was supervising a study hall group, and I was able to graduate from high school on schedule.

After graduation, I went to a town 35 miles away where I had a great aunt living to look for work. I got a job as a sales person for a furnace company. After one week they called me in, said I was doing an excellent job, but that I needed to tell customers their furnace needed to be cleaned whether it needed it or not. I told them I would not lie for them and quit the job. Sometime later, I remember my father being upset with me for turning down a job offer for a desk job at the Ohio Power Company. I didn’t think I should take a desk job after spending 12 years sitting behind a desk at school. My dad said, “That’s the best job you’ve ever been offered and you turned it down.” After that I worked for a slaughter house for an extended period of time, but my poor vision kept me from getting the promotions I had been promised when I took the job.

arrow9:26 P.M.
In the meantime, I had changed churches because of where I was working and the youth leader asked me to pray for Gene, a 15 year old boy, to get saved because he was going with their church group to a youth camp about 75 miles away. They left Saturday morning for camp and Wednesday night after church I came home with a really heavy burden for Gene. I went to my room and prayed for probably an hour or more; a peace came over me and I thought that was the answer to my prayer. Then on Friday night when I came home from work, I had another heavy burden for Gene and went to prayer again. After about an hour or an hour and a half, a peace came over me that was different. I knew that Gene had gotten saved at that time. It was just as real as if someone had said it out loud. I stopped praying and looked at my watch. It was 9:26 p.m. I was supposed to meet with the youth leader the next day and she came running out of the house and said, “You don’t know what happened last night.” I said, “Yes, I do, the Lord has showed me that Gene got saved,” and I said, “It happened at 9:26 p.m.” She responded that she knew that it was sometime around 9:30 p.m.

arrowDown Times
There was an extended period of time when things didn’t seem to work out for me, including a couple of jobs I tried and other troubling circumstances. I was going through discouragement and some depression. I even attended Bible College at the suggestion of my pastor, but it didn’t work out because of my eyes. Looking back, I realize that these were times of training and God was preparing me for the rest of my life although I didn’t see it that way at the time.

arrowCar Trouble
When in Bible College, a friend of mine and I came home for Thanksgiving (about a 240 mile trip). On the way back to the college the generator quit working on my car. We were about 75 miles from school and I knew the battery could not take us that far. My friend said, “What are we going to do?” And I said, “We’re going to pray about it.” In about 10 minutes after we prayed, another boy from the Bible College saw us pulled over and stopped to see if he could help. I followed his tail lights back to school with the lights turned off on my car. Now, when you think about it, there’s no way the battery would have lasted that long unless God had intervened.

arrowA Young Lady and Marriage
Sometime after leaving Bible College, I was attending a revival meeting and saw a young lady walking across the front of the church. I felt she was the one the Lord wanted me to marry, but did not ask her for a date because I didn’t have a job or any money. About a year later, I went back to the same church where a friend of mine saw the same lady and said he was going to ask her for a date. When she turned him down, I offered to take her home and she accepted my offer. I took her home in a borrowed car and we soon started dating with me still driving a borrowed car. After about 4 months we decided to get married. Her pastor paid for the license because I didn’t have a job, and my sister said we could live with them until Gloria graduated from high school in the spring.

arrowA Good Job
I was told that the bus driver I worked for during high school would probably hire me again. After working for him for about three days, he told me that a company named Rockwell was hiring. I didn’t want to use his car so I hitch hiked to apply for the job. I wasn’t hired right away but was told to come back later. I hitch hiked rides and kept going back three times a week for about six weeks until I finally got the job. Gloria and I were married on new year’s eve in December 31, 1956, and it was February 12, 1957 when I got the job. They sent me for a physical and the doctor said I failed the eye test, but he also said they were told to hire me anyway. On the second day of work I went to the boss and told him I could not see to do the job. He said the company told him to make sure I qualified, so they changed my classification and put me on a job where good vision was not a requirement.

About a year later, a government agency for safety told Rockwell to clean up the place with brighter colors, florescent lighting, etc. After that it was easier for me to see what I was doing, and I was able to bid on a better job. During my time with Rockwell, I was able to make various suggestions on how to run the machinery more efficiently. I was able to redesign a machine to run different parts and one machine became capable of running 4 times what it had been doing before, etc. With God’s help I earned the respect of the plant superintendents, most supervisors, and the plant manager. One day I was told I was wanted in the office. I asked the foreman what I had done wrong. He said “Nothing, have a seat, I want to talk with you.” He wanted my opinion on what would happen if they rebuilt their machines to run differently. I said, “First of all, I’m not sure they can be converted to run that way, but if so, it is my opinion that it would probably increase production.” He said, “That’s all I wanted to know.” They made the changes and production increased by 50%. I really believe it was the Lord who allowed me to have the understanding to suggest these improvements.

After 28 years at Rockwell, the boss moved me to a job where I could not see to do the work, and I ended up having a nervous breakdown. While I was off work, I heard about a doctor in Columbus who might be able to help my vision. She sent me to about 12 different doctors and also to the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. After this she said, “I’m putting you on sick leave. You shouldn’t be working in a factory because of your eyes.” I thought I had it made because the company had a 30 and out retirement plan. Since I had 28 years on the job, two years on insurance would put me to the 30 years. However, eight months later, the insurance company contacted me and said I had to apply for disability. Social Security sent me to a doctor who said I could be rehabilitated to work at Goodwill. I was concerned and told my wife that if they did that to me I could lose both my insurance and my retirement. Six weeks later, I got a letter from social security saying I had to go before an examiner. I took the paperwork from all those doctors and the hospital from the past year. I laid them down before the examiner and told him I had been a working man all my life, and I was going to do whatever I could whether or not I was approved for disability. I was thinking he would probably turn me down for a disability but hoped that I would draw on the insurance for the balance of the two years. Six weeks later, I got another letter saying I was awarded the disability. At that time I was also awarded $28,000 from the insurance company. During these negotiations my brother in-law insisted that I get a lawyer, but I refused to do so believing God would work everything out, and He did!

arrowThe Trip of Our Life
After getting the settlement from the insurance company in the spring of 1988, Gloria and I decided to go see the sights I had wanted to see since the 5th grade. First, we took a trip to Niagara Falls. Then, we bought a mini motor home and went on a trip to visit my sister who had moved to Arizona. On the way, we traveled through New Mexico which I remember as being very desolate. My sister and her husband then took us into Mexico. Later, my wife and I went to the Grand Canyon and I still remember looking down into the valley from the top of the Canyon. The houses looked so tiny, like little toy houses sitting on a floor. Then at King’s Canyon, I remember Gloria being very concerned because the rocks were hanging way out over the highway, and she thought they could fall on us. We then drove through Los Vegas and Nevada without stopping. Later, we saw the most beautiful lake I have ever seen, Lake Tahoe. From there, we went to the Rocky Mountains, then to the Sequoia National Forest, the Petrified Forest, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, and the California Desert. After going back to my sister’s home for a brief visit, we headed out to Del Rio, Texas where missionary friends took us again into Mexico and I witnessed the worst poverty I’ve ever seen in my life. We then drove over to see the Gulf of Mexico which was a beautiful site to both of us. After about a month of travel, we returned home.

I consider this trip as being a special blessing of God upon my life. He allowed me to fulfill a childhood dream of visiting and seeing those places I had read about in the Weekly Reader when in the 5th grade. I think it was no less than a miracle, especially considering all the trouble I’ve had with my eyes while working and during most of my life. Several years later, I also took a trip to the Everglades which was something I had always wanted to do, and I enjoyed it very much. A friend took me on a 3 ½ hour adventure in his swamp buggy to the middle of the Everglades. Very few people will ever get to experience an adventure like that, and I give God the glory for His special hand of favor upon my life.

arrowGod’s Healing
At the age of 15, I fell out of an apple tree, which was about 200 feet from the house, and was unconscious for about a ½ hour. When I came to, I was sitting in the house on a chair where my Mother had placed me. As a result of that fall, I suffered back pain for about 25 years. Then in 1974, while helping my brother butcher a beef, I ruptured a disc in my back. The pain was so severe I couldn’t get up and down without turning over on my hands and knees, and I couldn’t sleep because of the pain. I went to the doctor the next day and he sent me to the hospital and put me in traction. Eight days later the doctor came in and said I’d be in the hospital for at least three more weeks. That was on a Saturday. On Sunday, I turned on the TV. A preacher was on that I didn’t want to hear so I turned to another channel. A voice said to me, “Turn that back,” and there was no one else in the room. I knew it was the Lord so I turned back to the previous channel. The preacher said, “You who are out there this morning whether in your home, in an automobile, or in the hospital, just pray and believe. God wants to heal you.” I prayed a simple little prayer, about a dozen words, and then felt a wave of heat move from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I unhooked the traction and went out to the nurse’s station and asked when the doctor would be in. I said to them, “God has healed me and I’m ready to go home.” The next morning when the doctor came in I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He asked how I was doing, and I told him that the Lord had healed me. He said, “I don’t believe it, let me check you out.” He twisted me in every way he could and could not produce a pain. He then said that he had made a mistake and I said, “You didn’t make a mistake, God healed me and you don’t want to admit it.” That was in 1974 and I have never had trouble from that back injury again.

My wife’s niece had a stroke at the age of 38 years, and the doctor said she had about a 20% chance of living. We went to the hospital where about 15 people were standing in the hallway and several others in the room. I stood around for awhile, but with my low sugar decided to go to the car to get a couple fig bars. While at the car I prayed for Kathy and the Lord said, “She’s going to live.” I went back up to the hospital room and told some of Kathy’s friends what the Lord shared with me about her going to live. That was three years ago or more. She has a handicap but is still living and able to get around. God is good!

A lady in our community became ill and spent some time in the hospital. Later, I saw her in their car and could tell she was still really sick. It wasn’t long until she was back in the hospital and after about a week on a Monday morning, suddenly the Lord said to me, “Go pray with Marilyn.” I felt it was urgent, so I left my breakfast and headed for the church thinking I would ask the pastor to take me down to the hospital, but first I checked to see if her husband had left. He was just getting ready to leave so I went with him not knowing how I would get home. I had a long prayer with Marilyn and believed she would be healed. Later, two other people from our park came in and said they would take me home. Then, on Tuesday morning before getting out of bed, I had a vision of Jesus coming toward me with a multitude of people closely behind him all dressed in white robes. I could not see Jesus’ face but knew it was Him. He raised both arms up and I knew it meant that Marilyn was going up to heaven. She passed away two days later on a Thursday morning. I didn’t tell her husband about the vision until sometime after the funeral and when I did he said, “Well, God did heal her but not in the way you thought.”

arrowStarting and Building a Church
In 1977, we moved to where I could walk to work because of my bad eyes. We visited about a dozen churches and none seemed to satisfy. I talked to a preacher and he told me to go see his district superintendent. He thought they wanted to start a church in our town. Leaders of the denomination said to me, “Find a building and we’ll try to get a church started.” In a few weeks, I found a very nice building but did not feel that it was what the Lord wanted. Then, two weeks later, I heard of another building that was going to be vacant. It was a church building and from a denomination wanted to sell it. They wanted $60,000 and we had no money. A few weeks later they contacted me and said we could use the building while we negotiated the sale price. A preacher also volunteered to come and preach for us on a short term basis. After about two months of holding services in the church, the preacher said he had to go to a ministerial convention and wanted to know if I would take the Thursday night prayer meeting that week. I said that I would and on Thursday when I came home from work, and after eating, I went to my room to pray about the evening prayer service. While praying, God told me to tell the people that we would not have trouble paying for the church, although we had not yet made a deal. After that, I really prayed hard before going to the service and then shared with the people what God had told me.

About two months later, a lady came to me and said that several years ago they had prayed for and claimed the house next door to the church. She asked, “What are we going to do?” And I said, “We’re going to pray and claim it again.” On the next prayer meeting night, everyone gathered around the altar and once again we prayed for and claimed the house. That property included the land on two sides of the church, both behind it and beside it. Sometime later the owner of the house became ill and went into a nursing home. His family wanted $23,500 for the property but it needed many repairs. We told them we were interested in the house but didn’t have any money at that time. About 6 months later, they contacted us and wanted $2,000 down to show that we were in good faith. This was taken before the church, and I suggested that we should not pay that much money down, but we could make an offer and see if they would counter offer on the price. Someone suggested that we offer $8,500; others disapproved, but I said I thought we should make the offer since it was suggested. The family accepted our offer and we bought the property for $8,500. A preacher in Bible School contacted us saying that if we could pay his travel expenses, he would preach for us. We accepted his offer but still did not own the church building. The house was remodeled at a cost of about $3,700, and our new preacher soon moved into it.
Then the asking price for the church was reduced from $60,000 down to $40,000. The owners contacted someone that had been a trustee in a former denomination that had used the building. They said they didn’t have the deed to the church property and that they wanted it. The former trustee went to see a lawyer who advised him to make a quick claim deed to the denomination that he wanted to have the church. He made it out to our denomination. The other denomination said they didn’t want to go to court against another church and offered to split the $40,000 and we would only need to pay half of it. Our district superintendents came over and told our people that we really got a good deal; however, some in the church complained because they helped build the church several years earlier. After much discussion, I finally made a suggestion saying that if our denomination was going to back us they should pay $5,000 of the $20,000. They agreed to do so and our congregation raised the remaining $15,000. Also, a man that none of us knew at that time said he would bring his equipment and build a parking lot around the church, and it would cost us nothing except paying for the gravel.

About four years later we decided to build an addition to the church. It would be 32 x 67 feet and include Sunday school rooms, an office, and two restrooms. The estimated cost was $38,000, but with volunteer help, we were able to complete the job for $16,000. While doing the roof, a group of men came in that we did not know and added the roof onto the new addition and also on part of the old building. Within a short period of time, the building was paid for and without ever missing a payment and never being late on a payment. It all worked out just as God had told me to tell the people, “You will not have trouble paying for the church.”

arrowProtected from Falling
While helping clean a church in Ohio and doing some repair work, I went in at the side door and onto the pulpit platform. Not many lights were on and without thinking I walked in front of the pulpit and stepped off the platform which was about 4 foot from the floor. I didn’t know what I had done until it was over and just staggered a little but never went down. God was taking care of me and I didn’t get hurt.

Sometime around 1980, I hired a person to help put a new roof on our two-story home. While working on the scaffolding about 18 feet high, I carelessly backed off the end of it. There was nothing to grab hold of and the next thing I remember was being on my hands and knees but still on top of the scaffolding. I don’t know how I was spared, but I know the Lord had to be in it. Another man recently told me of having a similar experience. He too was falling backwards from scaffolding and as he waved his arms trying to regain his balance, he said he felt a hand push him back onto the scaffolding. In my case, I did not feel a hand, but I believe that’s exactly what happened to me. It had to be the Lord taking care of me.

arrowMore Car Troubles
When traveling in Virginia, Gloria and I stopped at a Burger King to get something to eat, and when we returned to the car it wouldn’t start. I went back into Burger King and used their phone to try to get some help. I only found one garage that was open because it was Sunday. They wanted $100 to tow our car for only a quarter of a mile, and then $60 an hour to look at it, which was about 3 times the normal rate at that time. I said I would think about it and started back to the car. When I was about 10 feet from the door I started to pray and a very clear voice said to me, “I’ll send someone.” I went to the car, sat down and was enjoying my coffee when my wife said, “I can’t believe this. The car won’t run and you’re sitting here like nothing is wrong.” Within about two minutes a man walked over and said, “I’m a mechanic and maybe I can help you. I don’t want to work on your car, but I’ll tell you how to check it out.” He showed me how to check the electronic ignition and then left. I checked the ignition and it was working fine. I then thought the problem could be a plugged fuel filter. I walked to a parts store, bought a fuel filter and not really knowing what I was doing, I took off the front fuel line. Air came out like from an air tank so I put the fuel line back on knowing it was not plugged. I told my wife, “I think it is sucking air so I’m going to get some gasoline” even though there was already gasoline in the tank. I bought 5 gallons of gas and poured it into the tank. The car started and ran with no further problems. Later, in talking with others, I learned it could have been a vapor lock. I don’t know all the details of what happened, but I do know that God answered my prayer.

A year later we started out for Florida. When about 50 miles from home, we were behind a semi-truck on the interstate and hit a deer which ran between us and the semi. Before I could even get out of our car to look at the damage, a state patrol woman pulled up and said she would take us to a phone. I called our son and he brought another car and a trailer to haul our wrecked car back home. This incident was just another reminder to me that the Lord was definitely watching over us and taking care of us.

Several years later, I knew we had a bad tire but was in a hurry to get to Florida and decided we’d try to make it. It was in North Carolina where the tire blew out. Just as I was getting out of the car and starting to remove the luggage in order to get to the spare, a tire truck pulled up. The driver asked if I needed help and I told him I didn’t think so, that I was just going to install the spare. He asked if I had checked the air pressure in the spare and when I told him I had not done so he said, “Then you need help.” He helped me take out the tire and checked the air pressure. It only had 5 pounds. He aired it up, helped put the spare on the wheel and said, “Now you have a good day,” and when I tried to pay he refused to take any money. How convenient that was for us, but how unusual it was for a tire truck to show up right on time and then not charge a fee for their service. Could it be that God was looking out for us? I don’t think so, I know so!

Years later, we were coming to Florida again and my wife noticed that cars would come up behind us and then back off. She then noticed smoke coming from the rear of our car. We pulled into a road side rest area somewhere in Virginia, and I discovered that the car was leaking transmission fluid really badly. We drove to the next town where I tried to rent a dolly and another vehicle to tow our car. There was none available and I prayed, “Lord, we need help.” I bought 4 quarts of transmission fluid, poured two of them in and said, “Let’s try to make it to the next town.” We started down the road with Gloria driving and when she said the transmission was slipping I had her stop and dumped in the other two quarts without even checking the fluid level. We got to the next town, pulled in to find a place to rent a dolly and a towing vehicle, but everything was closed for the holidays. It was then I discovered that the transmission was no longer leaking. We drove the rest of the way to Florida without a problem and upon checking the transmission the next day I found the fluid level was almost to the full mark. The car never leaked again for as long as we owned it, which was about two years.

There was another car incident I remember when we were driving north in Georgia. Gloria was driving and said, “We need gas,” but I knew it was cheaper up the road and told her to keep driving. Just as we passed the exit where Gloria wanted to pull off, the car started sputtering. She pulled to the berm but the car kept running. After a while, it started running better and we pulled back onto the highway. Gloria pulled to the berm about three times during those 8 miles to get to the next exit, but we made it and found a station with our car still running. …And yes, the gas was cheaper!

In 2012, we were heading back home from Florida when our car started making a noise. It kept getting louder and louder until it sounded almost like a fire truck. I told Gloria that we should pull off and see what was wrong. As we were pulling off, Gloria prayed and asked the Lord for help. When we pulled into a restaurant area the car quit making the noise and we couldn’t find anything wrong. Gloria had prayed, “Lord sent us to the right person.” There was a mechanic on duty across the highway and she said, “I feel this is where we should go.” He could find nothing wrong with our car and finally said, “You might as well go on up the road.” It never made that noise again and we still have the same car.

arrowLost and Found:
One day I went for a 2 ½ mile walk, sometimes bending over and picking up cans. When I got home, my wife noticed that our cell phone was missing. I prayed about it and the Lord said, “Go to the big tree.” It was about ¾ mile away and the grass was about 20 inches high around the tree. I shared with my wife what the Lord had told me, but I didn’t know how I could find the phone in the tall grass. She said that I should go anyway. When I was about 200 feet from the tree, a woman was standing in her yard talking on a cell phone. Just as I got beside her, she said goodbye and hung up. I told her I was looking for my cell phone and asked if she would wait two minutes and then call my number. She said,” I’ll do better than that; I’ll walk down there with you.” When we were about 25 feet from the tree I said, “This ought to be close enough, how about calling my number.” She did and about 15 feet in front of us our cell phone started ringing in the grass, and my grandson ran over and picked it up.

Another time, I was helping some people in the park where I live and remember having my sunglasses. After lunch I decided to walk to town and pick up cans along the road. I also picked some lemons with the permission of the owner to bring back to the park. Gloria just got home from work when I arrived and asked, “Where’s your sunglasses?” I couldn’t remember what happened to them and said that I’ll ask people in the park the next morning to see if anyone had seen them. I woke up the next morning and felt prompted to pray about those sunglasses. I said a simple little prayer like, “Lord, it would be nice if you’d show me where my sunglasses are.” After my prayer, the Lord told me to go to the lemon tree. I didn’t ask anyone in the park, I didn’t look along the road; I just walked straight to the lemon tree, two miles away. With my poor eyesight I bent over under the tree and saw something on the ground but couldn’t tell what it was. I reached down and found it to be my sunglasses.

In closing, I want to say that because of my eyes I’ve not been able to do a lot of things other people have done like hunting, golfing, ball games, and other activities. But the truth is that I’ve felt no real need or a strong desire for those things. I’ve missed nothing because God has blessed me with so much and given me things and experiences that have been so much better. God has blessed me in real estate and other business dealings throughout my life and for the most part I’ve lived a joyful and contented life. This story of my life only covers a small part of God’s blessings upon my life. There’s just too much to write it all down. I give God the glory, and if my story can be a blessing or an encouragement to just one more person, then I will be blessed one more time.

—Dictated by Albert Pettet and written down by Elmer Winner, January, 2013





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  1. Deborah Ramirez

    February 6, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Response after reading, after reading “Albert’s Story for God’s Glory”:
    I met you in Avon Park Florida a little over a week ago before you were going back to Ohio. You were walking down a little side street and talked to me I am from South Carolina and you gave me a card and ask did I have a computer. God has really been a blessing in your life and i am glad to have met you and was inspired by your story I just read. GOD IS SO GOOD..Thank you again for sharing your story.

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    September 5, 2014 at 1:43 am

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  3. Cindy

    January 12, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    your story reminds me of the many answers to prayer that my father received during his life.

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    February 11, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    What a wonderful story will keep you in our prayers

  5. Carl McClain

    July 10, 2015 at 2:36 am

    Hi Albert , I saw you on Union St. in Newark , Ohio ..I was really depressed at that moment and you pushed your card into my hand , I wrote a friend in Buffalo , New York about our conversation , She ( Diane G. ) ask me what I thought of the meeting and I told her I thought that I had been visited by an angel , with bright eyes and a big smile , Weeks latter I looked at your card again and looked this site up and found your story . It was a pleasure to read and an honor to meet you . My name is Carl , It was a blessing to meet you .

  6. Barb Foltz

    February 12, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    Hi Albert, I met you about 6 months ago or so in Heath, Ohio near Goodyear. I thought you might need some help because I saw you just standing still on the sidewalk. When I ran over to offer you help you told me you were just taking a break and didn’t need a ride anywhere because it was such a nice day! You gave me your card and I am sad to say it got buried in my “inbox” until today! I JUST read through your beautiful life testimony! God is SO good and I love it when He has a divine appointment for us to meet someone! I loved chatting with you that day and I have truly appreciated reading your amazing story. Thank you for answering His call on your life to share your stories for His glory! Be blessed my friend! Barb


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