The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life


The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life written by Hannah Whitall Smith (in 1875) is to me, and a whole lot of people, a very special book. It is full of Biblical truth, sound wisdom, and practical advice for living a life that is hid with Christ in God.


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Preface and Poem

Chapter 1 – Is it Scriptural?

Chapter 2 – God’s Side and Man’s Side

Chapter 3 – The Life Defined

Chapter 4 – How to Enter In

Chapter 5 – Difficulties Concerning Consecration

Chapter 6 – Difficulties Concerning Faith

Chapter 7
– Difficulties Concerning the Will

Chapter 8 – Difficulties Concerning Guidance

Chapter 9 – Difficulties Concerning Doubts

Chapter 10 – Difficulties Concerning Temptation

Chapter 11 – Difficulties Concerning Failures

Chapter 12 – Is God in Everything?

Chapter 13 – Bondage or Liberty

Chapter 14 – Growth

Chapter 15 – Service

Chapter 16 – Practical Results in Daily Life

Chapter 17 – The Joy of Obedience

Chapter 18 – Divine Union

Chapter 19 – The Chariots of God

Chapter 20 – The Life on Wings





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