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What are Grandpa’s Two Minute Bible Stories all about? (Book introduction to the Bible Stories, page 11)

The book and my words here are for boys and girls everywhere. Are you ready for a new adventure that will last all year long and maybe even longer? Are you ready to become a stronger and wiser person by learning more and more about the Bible? If you read or listen to a new Bible Story each day with faith in your heart, will it help you find true happiness and success in your life no matter what big problems you may face? That’s what Grandpa’s Two Minute Bible Stories are all about. You will learn about real people that had some very big problems, and you will also learn how to overcome your problems just as they did. I care about you and will be praying for you as you read or listen to the daily Bible Stories. There is one more thing I want to share. The pictures in the book and on the front cover were drawn by my grandson, Jaime Yount, and I think they are really great. Do you agree? Maybe you will decide to draw some pictures about the stories or write out your answers to the think about it and look it up questions. That will make Jaime really happy because he cares about you too. Make sure you share your work with your parents, grandparents, and other special people in your life. It might even end up somewhere on a refrigerator!

 Important Q’s and A’s

These questions and answers are for parents, grandparents, teachers, and all those that love and work with children. Children are special to Jesus, and they should be special to us. I believe that anything and everything we do for children, we are doing for Jesus. “…Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14).

Why were the two minute Bible stories written and recorded? They were written and recorded for boys and girls everywhere this book can possibly reach and for Jesus because he loves all children. If you believe the book is helping your children in any way, please become an advocate and share it with everyone you can.

What is the age level most appropriate for the book? I believe many six year olds (even younger) and all the way up to early teens will be attracted to the Bible Stories in the book. The stories can be read to younger children; and they are good, read along stories for children with some word recognition skills. Normal conversational language is used in the audio and should help most children stretch to a higher level of reading comprehension as the stories come alive to them. When read and discussed during family devotions, the Bible stories are appropriate for every age level.

Why are the Bible stories repeated three times during the year? Review is important in teaching children, and most children enjoy a second and third reading of a good story as much as the first. Actually, it is anticipated that most children will look forward to going through the stories well beyond the first year because familiarity builds confidence, and it will help them identify with the Bible characters and the character traits conveyed in the stories.

Why are most stories only approximately two minutes in length? I think this is best because of the audio component; but it’s also easier for children to focus their full attention on a short story, and they are more likely to come back and listen to the same story several times. In reality, most of the daily segments in the book are longer stories broken into many parts, and nearly all children with a little guidance will want to come back each day to find out what happens next. Some children, however, will read the stories well in advance of the scheduled dates and recordings, and that can be a good thing if they are also encouraged to return to the stories each day to review what they have read

How many times should children watch and listen to the stories each day? I think they should do so as often as they like because each visit brings then closer to God’s Word. 

Can the Bible stories in the book help improve reading and listening skills of children? It has been said that many children in early America learned to read by reading the Bible. It’s exciting for me to think that some children may also become better readers by reading and listening to the Bible Stories in this book.  Your approach will depend upon the maturity of your children.  Here are a few suggestions:

a) To improve listening skills, ask children to listen to the story and then share with you everything they can remember about the story.  Next, ask them to listen again in search of some specific detail of the story; for example, from the story on January 17, ask them to listen for the name of Abraham’s father, followed by finding his name in the book, etc.
b) Encourage children with some word recognition skills to listen to the story and at the same time read along from the book (the same can be done from the computer). After doing this a few times, challenge them to see how much of the story they can read out loud with your help. Repeat the process of listening and reading at the same time until they are able to read the entire story out loud on their own. This process can become a motivating challenge for some children; however, I caution parents to back off if you sense too much stress is involved in the activity. With wisdom, you can make it a want to rather than a have to activity.
c) I share with children on the back cover “that reading and listening to Bible Stories with faith in our hearts can bring God’s blessings into our lives and make us stronger Christians, and that’s what I want for you more than anything else.” When that happens, I believe the book is a success at the highest level; however, I also believe when children are successful in one area, it often carries over into other areas. If they become excited about their faith in Jesus and the Bible, I believe they will also do better in their school work.
Can the Bible stories in the book be used during family devotions? How wise are the parents that gather their family together each day to read from the Bible and pray. The set-aside time need not be long, but it should be considered the most important part of your day because it really is. And yes, I think interest in family devotions will increase if someone reads the two minute Bible story each day. The stories are usually connected, and children will look forward to family devotions because they want to know what happens next.
Can the book be used by Sunday School teachers? Absolutely! Just encourage your children to read and listen the Bible stories during the week, and then develop your lesson around selected stories for the Sunday School hour. Ask them to draw a picture about one of the stories or write out their answers to one of the “think about it” or “look it up” questions and bring back to class next Sunday. Also, many of the stories can be acted out, and that’s always fun. I think using the book as a study guide can result in one very exciting and fruitful year for both you and your children. 
Can the book be used in Christian Schools and Home Schools?  I recommend a reading of the daily Bible Stories in your opening exercises. It takes only approximately two minutes, and most stories end with a hook that will cause children to want to know what happens next. What about also using the book to improve reading and listening skills of individual children (see item 6 above)? Another hope is that the Bible Stories will become a way for some students to witness to others by sharing them with parents, family, and friends while they are away from school.





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