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The Trespass Offering

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book_of_leviticus__sin_offering_sjpg825Click to Read Leviticus 1—My Burnt Offering

What wilt Thou have for a burnt offering, O my God? Thou hast given Thyself for me as a burnt offering. Thou wert consumed in fiercest fires–and for me. Can I give Thee anything less than my life, myself, my ambitions, loves, longings, the best and strongest I am? And I cannot give it less than completely. It shall be laid upon the altar, and purified by the divine fire, till it is all Thine, and worthy of Thee.

Click to Read Leviticus 2—My Firstfruits

Offering of Firstfruits Deuteronomy 26:2-10
Offering of Firstfruits
Shall not the Lord have first place in all my enterprises? And this cannot be if they are first for myself and only secondarily for Him. How shall I subordinate my interests? I cannot. I will identify them with His! I in Him and He in me,–then the firstfruits and the lastfruits shall be all His, and all mine.

Click to Read Leviticus 3—My Peace Offering

I would dedicate to God my hours of rejoicing. My recreations shall be His, my festivals. I will not go to Him with my griefs alone, but with my happiness. Why should He, who has given me all my pleasures, every one, be left out of them?

Read Leviticus 4—My Sin Offering

Day and night the remembrance of my sins weighs me down. O God, for relief from the burden of them! Nay, but Thou hast placed relief at hand. O Thou who wert taken without the camp, Thou upon whose head were laid the sins of the world. Thou my Sin Offering, how I bless Thy holy name!

scan0010Jesus Became Our Sin Offering

Read Leviticus 5—My Unintended Sins

The High Priest on the Day of Atonement and a Levite.
tabernacle_pictures__image_6__sjpg763When I do wrong, let me not say, “I did not mean it, I did not know it.” What if I might have known it? What if I should have known it? O God, forgive me for my unwitting sins! Forgive me for the carelessness that does not keep close to Thee, so that I may know Thy will and do it in all things.

Read Leviticus 6—My Restorations

If I have harmed my neighbor, my brother,–as I have by many deeds or failures to do,–let me not rest content until I have restored all he has lost by me, and more. Yes, even if I stole only (only!) some brightness out of his sky, or whispered against him a half-justified reproach. Let me not go to sleep a single day in debt.

Read Leviticus 7—MyFreewill Offerings

Shall I give Thee only what is commanded? O Thou that givest me so much more than I ask! Should I spend my day in petitions, I could not name over Thy benefactions of the day. Let me imitate Thy liberality, though it can be but feebly. Let the measure of my gifts overflow, and let my willingness still surpass my giving.

Read Leviticus 8—My Consecration

Have I felt upon my head the sacred oil? Am I set apart to holy use and service? If not, then why not? For we are all to be kings and priests unto God. Let me realize my consecration. Because of that holy anointing from the hands of the Spirit, let me walk purely all my days.

Read Leviticus 9—My Obedience

Is my obedience such–so exact, so ready–that as the result of it “the glory of the Lord” appears to “all the people?” Is my labor crowned with the crown of God’s manifest presence? Ah, no. And yet it may be. And by God’s grace it shall be.

Read Leviticus 10—My False Fire

The thing was good, in itself. I spent time and thought upon it, and men praised me. Ah, but God did not praise me! It was not His good. My own will impelled me to do it, my own selfish ambition. False fire! False fire! and justly might the flame of God’s anger devour me.

Read Leviticus 11—My Food

Do I “make a difference between the unclean and the clean?” Do I recognize the great truth that my body is not my own, that it with all its powers and functions is the Lord’s? The dish too much is unclean. The food or the drink that befogs my brain or chokes any conduit of my body is unclean. All gluttony, all intemperance, is unclean. And the desire for what is unclean is as unclean as the thing itself. O God, keep me pure!

Read Leviticus 12—My Birth

A Little Child Shall Lead Them
Children007How wonderful that I am to live forever! How much more wonderful that I ever came to live at all! Thou who are the Life, to Thee shall the gates of life be consecrated. Let every thought that concerns the sacred entrance into existence be a hallowed thought; for in that Thou hast shared with us Thy creative powers, and deigned to place us nearest to Thyself.

Read Leviticus 13—My Leprosy

Why do I not dread sin as the most horrible of diseases? It is indeed a leprosy. It makes its approach in secret, it advances stealthily. It eats, corrodes. It is foul, disgusting. It separates from men. I will lay my hand upon my mouth. I will cry, “Unclean! Unclean!”

A man cleansed of leprosy
A man cleansed of leprosy Luke 5:12-13

Read Leviticus 14—My Cleansing

Only Thou canst cleanse me, O Purity! Only Thou canst touch the foulness of my sin with healing efficacy, stay the mad riot of my blood, bid the hideous impulses depart, restore the torn and bleeding life. I fall at Thy feet. My tears run like rain. I can do nothing but beg for recovery. And at length–with what transports of joy!–I hear Thy tender words: “I will; be thou clean.”

Read Leviticus 15—My Body

In what a casket hast Thou placed my soul, my Creator! How marvelously contrived, with what powers, what adaptations, what beauties; and also with what possibilities of evil! It shall be Thy temple; yea, in all its functions and acts it shall be held meet for Thy abode.

Read Leviticus 16 —My Approach to God

What sense have I of the vastness of Deity, His terrible power, His awful majesty? In Christ I may come close to Him; but let me never be carelessly familiar. Let me never draw near to God but with reverence. Let my heart be bowed, with my head.

Sending Out the Scapegoat (Lev. 16:8-10)

Read Leviticus 17
—My Sacrifices

My day is filled with a myriad tasks, my mind with a myriad designs. I would enter upon no task, adopt no plan, without Thee, O my God! Let me carry it before Thy altar. Let me present it to Thy wisdom. Let me offer to Thee the life-blood of it. Let me, if I receive it at all, receive it from Thy hands.

Read Leviticus 18—My Relations

My kindred, to whom I am bound by so many sacred ties,–I will cherish them, and they shall be as my own life! Sooner may I harm myself than them. More gladly may I seek their joy than my own. For what has God set us together in families, but to love one another, and help one another, and lead one another nearer to our one Father in heaven?

Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Read Leviticus 19—My Duties

How many relationships I have, and how many duties they all bring with them! How many persons there are to whom I must be kind and helpful, just and loving and true! Yet God requires of me only one duty at a time, and in that one duty He is present to help. Therefore I shall not be confused, but I shall go peacefully all my days.

The Holy Ark brought to Jerusalem
“Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am holy.” (Lev. 19:2)

Read Leviticus 20—My Separation

Of me, of me also, my God hath made “a peculiar people.” Mine are not to be the laws of the world, the laws of greed, of a carnal desire, of fierceness and selfishness. And when they allure me with their bait, O God, give me strength to say, “No, no! I am not yours; I am apart from you, happily, and forever!”

“…The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s His cleanseth us from all sin.” (1 Jn. 1:7)

Read Leviticus 21—My Perfection

I must be perfect. As of old, so now, God would have only perfect men standing in His holy presence. And what a cripple I am, how blind, how broken, how full of blemishes! Yet, to my joy, a fountain of perfectness is open for me, the Perfect One shares with me His perfections, and through Him I dare to enter even the Holy of Holies. Praise His name!

Read Leviticus 22—My Profanations

When I pass from my vileness to Thy purity, O Infinite Whiteness! When out of the midst of my sins I approach the Most Holy; when, spotted and unworthy as I am, I take in my hand Thy instruments and enter Thy temple,–how shall I not be consumed? Only as I enter with Thy Son, O God! Only as He invites me, only as He leads me, only as He wraps around me the mantle of His purity. With Him, I shall not be afraid, even before Thee.

sabbathRead Leviticus 23—My Festivals

Have I no time from my labor to think of the time when that labor must cease? Am I too busy with the present to consider the past, to which the present is owed, and the future, by which the present is significant? This day shall be the Lord’s! Though I may labor in it, it shall be a festival! I will fill it with thanksgiving. I will fill it with prayer.

Read Leviticus 24—My Lamp

Let the thought of my Savior burn ever in my heart. Let its tender light illuminate my life continually. Let it plead for my darkness before the Mercy Seat. Let it be fed with the pure oil of holy thoughts. Let it be raised upon the standard of brave deeds. Let it be a lamp that never goes out.

Year of Jubilee
book_of_leviticus_year_of_jubilee_sjpg829Read Leviticus 25—My Jubilee

A fresh start! I need it sorely. Not only every seventh year, but every seventh day. Not only every fiftieth year, but all the time. I need to begin again. I need to forget my sinful past. I need a new grip on myself and my duty. I need a clean slate, a new sheet of paper. And I can get it all from Thee, O most indulgent Father!

Read Leviticus 26—My Alternative

Blessings, or cursings! Joys, or sorrows! The Lord’s face with me, or against me! It must be one or the other. Which is it? Which shall it be? Which am I preparing for my eternal existence? Awe-filled alternative! God help me to cleave to the right!

Read Leviticus 27—My Oblations

Let me take in turn each thing that I possess, however valueless, however precious, and consider whether I have consecrated it to the Lord. If not to Him, then it is Self’s and Satan’s. If His, then it endures and is fruitful. But let me be honest; is it really a devoted thing? Is it really His?

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