— Read and listen to the Bible being read at the same time; also, A. R. Wells, 1908, shares a (self-application) “tiny meditation” on each chapter.
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1) Read the “tiny meditation” before and/or after you read the Bible chapter to help make a self-appllication of the scriptures read.
2) Want to use both your eye gate and ear gate in taking in the Word? Just click the “Read” chapter to get started.


Click to Read Joshua 1—My Success

I am assuming heavy burdens, borne by the giants that went before me; but their God is my God. I am facing perils that even they did not face; but the strength on which they drew is at my disposal. Before me is this Jordan; yes, but the Lord goeth before me!

Joshua’s encouragement from God
Joshua's encouragement from God Joshua 1

Click to Read Joshua 2My Safety

In the destruction that will come upon all things, what is the scarlet cord that I may find in my window? Is it the good deeds that I have done? Ah, no! for where are they? I have done less than my duty. It is the scarlet cord of the atonement, the token of my Saviour’s mercy. In that sign I shall be safe.

The City of Jericho, Joshua 2:1
The City of Jericho  Joshua 2:1

Click to Read Joshua 3My Jordan

The river rolls threateningly before me, overflowing all its banks. My foes are ranged on the other side. How shall I advance against these difficulties? I need not mind the how, but only advance. The Ark goes before me. The difficulties turn aside, and leave a firm path for my feet. There are no difficulties to him that walks with God.

Click to Read Joshua 4—My Memorial

Where in my life have I set up a monument to God’s goodness? Where in my life is there not such goodness to commemorate? Let me bring words, as the Israelites brought stones, and let me rehearse the loving kindness of God, and let me say to all men, “He is my God, faithful and true. Serve ye Him!”

Click to Read Joshua 5—My Gilgal

Whatever is of Egypt, let me purge it from my life! Let me put off the old man, and put on the new! Let me cease to look backward, and look forward! At whatever cost, I am now for the Lord’s land, and the Lord’s work, purely and altogether!

Joshua and the Commander of the Lord’s Army, Joshua 5:13-15

Click to Read Joshua 6My Jericho

I will trust in the Lord’s way, and not in my own. My way may be with cannon and shot and all the munitions of war. His way may seem absurdly inadequate to the gigantic task. But it is His way, and before it Jericho will fall; while for my way, however the cannons roar, not one stone will topple.

The Falling of the Walls of Jericho, Joshua 6:20
The Falling of the Walls of Jericho Joshua 6:20

Click to Read Joshua 7My Ai

My only strength is in obedience. When I disobey, I faint. When I touch what the Lord bids me not to touch, and keep what He forbids my keeping, and seek what He would have me avoid, I am as water before my foes, and all my power is emptiness. O my God, every day let me remember Ai.

Click to Read Joshua 8—My Recovery

If there is in my life an Ai defeat, there may be as well an Ai victory. God is as able to lift me up as to cast me down. If disobedience brings defeat, as certainly will obedience bring the victory. Obedience is a philosopher’s stone that will transmute all my life to gold.

Joshua Capturing the City of Ai, Joshua 8:18-19
Joshua Capturing the City of AI Joshua 8:18-19

Click to Read Joshua 9My Gibeon

What mistakes I make, when I “ask not counsel at the mouth of the Lord!” My foes are very crafty. The devil has a thousand wiles. There seem so many reasons why I should make my peace with the world. Many of these reasons will present themselves today. Lord, at every such appeal let me turn to Thee, and seek counsel of Thy wisdom alone.

Click to Read Joshua 10—My Triumphs

Let me have no enemies but the Lord’s enemies, for those are the only ones I shall conquer. Let me have all the Lord’s enemies as my enemies, for not one of them shall remain. If I seem to be victorious without God, let me run in terror, for all disaster is impending.

Joshua Commanding the Sun to Stand Still, Joshua 10:12-14

Click to Read Joshua 11My Conquests

How great is the land the Lord designs for me? As great as my enemies are! As large as my obstacles are! As extensive as my difficulties! Shall I grieve,then, because I meet opposition? I am meeting my kingdom!

Click to Read Joshua 12—My Kings
These were the kings, thirty and one, that the Hebrews conquered, and they with no king among them! Ah, but they had a king among them, even the King of Kings! Who am I, that I should envy rank, or seek a worldly station? Am I not the son of the only King?

Click to Read Joshua 13—My Remaining Work

So much left undone! So much land remaining to be possessed! The command was large and the accomplishment discouragingly small. Yet let me not be despondent, if I have done my best. All eternity is yet before me, for results. On earth is only a beginning of obedience.

Dividing the Land of Canaan, Joshua 13:7-21:45

Click to Read Joshua 14My Hebron

Let me be a Caleb! Let me choose the hard things, mountains rather than plains, rocks rather than loam! Even in old age, may the same sturdy spirit remain in me. For the Lord dwells among the hills.

Click to Read Joshua 15—My Anakim

For me, as for Caleb, the hills are full of Anakim. I must drive them out, for my inheritance lies there. I must not heed their height, or the fierceness of their faces, not their battle cries and brandished spears. I must only remember my Ally, and my inheritance.

Click to Read Joshua 16—My Servants

The Canaanites were not driven out from Ephraim, –ah, slowly knelling prophecy of all the woe to come! They were held as servants. They were doubtless useful. What danger from servants? The danger that always lies in disobedience. Those were the servants that mastered Israel.

Click to Read Joshua 17—My Enlargement

God does not hem in the children of Joseph, nor the children of any one else. If we are great people, we may hew out for ourselves a great inheritance. There is no holding back in the plans of Providence. As fast as I am able to move forward, God opens the way before me.

Click to Read Joshua 18—My Entrance

The blessings may be mine. God has given them to me. I have broken down the barriers before them, and driven out the enemies. Yet I do not hold them till I enter in and possess them. How strangely slow am I to seize upon and enjoy the Christian delights that are rightfully mine!

South-East View of the Tabernacle, Joshua 18:1
South-East View of the Tabernacle Joshua 18:1

Click to Read Joshua 19My Surplus

Judah’s portion was too much for Judah, therefore Simeon had a share in it, dwelling in the midst of Judah’s inheritance. Do I ever stop to consider whether God has not given me more than I need? Perhaps the inheritance He designs for some one else is right in the midst of the inheritance I am holding as wholly mine. Lord, keep me from the damning sin of selfishness!

Click to Read Joshua 20—My Safety

What matter how many pursue me? If I am innocent, I am safe. Though men misunderstand me, and even though my deed seems to condemn me, God understands me, and His voice in my conscience acquits me. The law is my city of refuge against fleshly harm, but I need no human law to give me peace of soul.

Click to Read Joshua 21—My Enemies

As God delivered into the hands of the Hebrews all their foes, so He will never allow an enemy to stand before me, if I am His. All my foes shall fall, and their cities shall fall, strongholds material and spiritual. I have only to be on the side of the Omnipotent.

Click to Read Joshua 22—My Altar of Ed

When I am farthest from the privileges of God’s house, still let the thought of it be very near. Let me rear in my heart an altar of witness. Let my life be a moving tent like the tabernacle, with its holy place and its holy of holies. I love the courts of the Lord’s house, but it is because they symbolize that country in which there is no temple save the Son of God Himself.

Click to Read Joshua 23—My Retrospect

I do not often review my past. As often as I do, I am encouraged, and warned. I am encouraged by perceiving God’s constancy. He has always fulfilled His word. He has always rewarded obedience. He has always put to flight my foes. And I am warned. For as I look back I am sure that all my good is from God, and as I am God’s. Without Him, it will all be evil.

Click to Read Joshua 24—My Covenant

It is hard to serve the Lord, for He is a holy God; He is a jealous God. It is easy to serve the Lord, for He is a merciful God; He is a loving God. By its difficulty and its ease, by my duty and my delight, by my fear and my love, I will serve the Lord!

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