James – Revelation

— Read and listen to the Bible being read at the same time; also, A. R. Wells, 1908, shares a (self-application) “tiny meditation” on each chapter.

“James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ…” (James 1:1)

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1) Read the “tiny meditation” before and/or after you read the Bible chapter to help make a self-appllication of the scriptures read.
2) Want to use both your eye gate and ear gate in taking in the Word? Just click the “Read” chapter to get started.

Click to read James 1—My Temptation

How shall I count my temptations all joy? They are hard for me, bitterly hard, in themselves and their results. Ah, but I do not see all of the results; only a little segment of the results. If I face the temptations with Christ to help me, at the end of them–far off, perhaps, but still at the end of them—is a crown, a crown of life.

Read James 2—My Faith

It is easy to think about my faith. It is easy to talk about my faith. It is very hard to live my faith, yet that is the only kind of faith that lasts beyond the thinking or the telling,–the kind of faith that is lived out. O Christ, Thou source of all faith, help me to that kind!

Read James 3—My Tongue

Surely I trust too much to my tongue. I let it go unwatched, as if it had not a thousand times betrayed me. I do not discipline or train it, though its heedlessness has a thousand times brought me into trouble and grief. Nothing that I have or am so harms me, yet nothing else is given such liberty. O God, place Thy angel at the door of my mouth!

Read James 4—My Resistance

Has the devil fled from me? Nay, he is right by my side, ready with a thousand crafty temptations. But why is he there, seeking to persuade a child of God to devilish deeds? Alas, he is there because he is invited! When my soul resists him, he flees from me; but not when I resist him with one hand and beckon him with the other.

Read James 5—My Prayers

It is the prayers of a righteous man that avail. It is not because of his righteousness that they avail, but they do avail. It is of God’s righteousness that any prayers are heard, but it would not be God’s righteousness if the prayers of the unrighteous were heard. O God, give me of Thy righteousness, that I may pray to Thee!

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Read 1 Peter 1—My Sightlessness

Not having seen Him, I yet love Him. How will it be when I can see Him! True, He is with me now. His breath is upon my brow. His words are in my ears. His hand directs me. His eye is upon me. But how much clearer are the words of men and the forms of men, and how different it will be when I see Him and hear Him even as now I see and hear my brothers on the earth!

Read 1 Peter 2—My Patience

Not to be patient when all things go well with me, or when my trials are as summer zephyrs; not to endure what a child might easily endure; not to face the light mists of the morning, which the sun will instantly scatter; but to be patient when the bitter troubles come, when sorrows that would cripple a giant hurl themselves against me, when the blackness of deepest night encompasses me,–that is the patience of Christ.

Read 1 Peter 3—My Reasons

It is well to have hope, of any kind, with whatever backing. But hope that is at the mercy of a sneer, or a doubt, or a crafty argument is poor hope. Let not such a hope be mine, but a hope that is sure and steadfast, firmly founded upon unshifting reason. If I cannot give a reason for my hope, it will not be my hope very long.

Read 1 Peter 4—My Crisis

The end is at hand. The end of all things temporal for me. The end of earthly life, and all its innumerable interests that so engage me. That the end is sure, I am certain. That it may come today, is also certain. That it will come when I am not expecting it is most certain of all. O God, when it comes, may I be with Thee!

Read 1 Peter 5—My Care

Let me not know any care. Let me cast it all upon my Savior. Let it be His care henceforth, and mine no longer. Not to burden Him, for it will be no burden. Indeed, it is His burden that I do not allow Him to carry it!

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Read 2 Peter 1—My Addition

From glory unto glory! From growth unto growth! If I am not growing, I am dwindling. If the Lord is not with me in greater blessing day after day, He is not really with me at all, and my blessings are daily melting away.

Read 2 Peter 2—My Deliverance

Temptations come to the godly, but the Lord knows how to deliver him out of them. Temptations come to the ungodly, but the Lord does not know how to deliver him out of them. Am I of God? Am I godly? Is my hand in God’s, my reliance upon Him? Then alone shall the flood of temptation have no terrors for me, and I shall walk through it in safety.

Read 2 Peter 3—My Expectation

I have great prospects; let me live a great life. I look forward to a mighty coming of my Lord, when all the heavens shall shine, and all the earth shall shout, and His grace and glory shall fill the universe. O my Lord, am I to be a part of it all, or an outcast out of it all?

Click for a brief summary of 1 John.

Read 1 John 1—My Fellowship

By this shall I know whether I am companying with the Father or not,–by noting whether my life is full of light or full of darkness. By this shall I know whether I am companying with the Son or not,–by noting whether my life is full of love or full of selfishness.

Read 1 John 2—My Advocate

As a criminal turns to his lawyer, and rests in him all his hope of freedom and happiness for all years to come upon the earth, so do I, a sinner, look humbly and confidingly to my Advocate, and repose in Him my hope for earth and endless heaven. What have I, O Christ, now or hereafter, if Thou dost fail me? But Thou wilt not fail me.

Read 1 John 3—My Love

Let my love for God be the test of my obedience to God, for I shall love Him if I do His will. Let my love to men be the test of my love for God, for if I love Him, I shall love those whom He loves so deeply.

Read 1 John 4—My Boldness

Am I afraid of God or of man? Then I do not love aright either God or man, for perfect love casts out fear. If I love God with all my soul, I shall not fear God’s judgment, today or hereafter. If I love mankind with all my soul, I shall not fear that man will harm me. Love is my shield and my fortress, my defense and my sufficiency; for God is Love.

Read 1 John 5—My Overcoming

I have much to overcome, perils of this world close around me; perils of the world to come, tempting fiends, the threatening horrors of eternal death. But I have a victory, ever at hand,–even my faith. Nay, not my faith, but the faith of Him who upholds my will and my hope, when the one falters and the other cannot see through the mists.

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Read 2 John—My Abiding

Let me know myself, not by what I say with my mouth or even by what I believe with my mind. Let me know myself by what I do in my life. That is to abide in Christ,–to continue in His works and ways, speaking His loving words and doing His loving deeds. All other abiding is fallacious.

Click for a brief summary of 3 John.

Read 3 John—My Imitation

It is so easy to imitate! I am not merely myself, but all whom I see. Much of their good lives in me, and much of their evil. I am safe, O God, only as I turn toward Thee this imitative power of mine; only as I see Thee the One altogether lovely, the One who alone is to be imitated.

Click for a brief summary of Jude.

Read Jude—My Defilements

I hate even the spotted garments. I loathe the defilements of sin. Why is it, then, that I ever seek after them? Why is it that I wear the garments of evil, and add to their pollutions? It is because I live without Thee, O Thou Pure One! Without Thee, who art able to set me in the presence of Thy glory without blemish, and with exceeding joy!

Click for a brief summary of the book of Revelation.

Read Revelation 1—My Kingdom

I am made to be a king unto God; nay, I am made to be a kingdom. I am the realm and its ruler. The kingdom reaches to the end of time. It is my life, which is to all eternity. Within it are the thrones of all powers, the palaces of all joys. Ah, let me not trifle with my inheritance!

Read Revelation 2—My First Love

Alas for me, if any day is better than the present day! My life is to be an ascent, and not in any part a descent. Each sunrise is to usher in a greater glory, each evening to set upon a deeper blessedness. Thy help, O my God, if this is not so with me!

Read Revelation 3—My Lukewarmness

Some day, I shall not be careless or indifferent about the things of heaven. It will be when I know that earth is nearly over for me. How my zeal will burn, then! How keen will be my anxiety, then! How hot will be my regret, then! Ah, there will be no lukewarmness, in that day.

Read Revelation 4—My Praise

If God were an earthly potentate, and I had access to his presence, how carefully I would con his deeds, what phrases I would frame in which to praise them, how they would dwell in my memory and linger on my tongue! But since God is not an earthly ruler, but the King of all kings and Lord of all lords, how witless is my silence and my forgetfulness!

Read Revelation 5—My Savior

He was slain. He redeemed with His blood all creatures. The highest beings in the universe are full of His praises. All heaven rings with the song of His glory. He was slain for me. He redeemed me with His blood. And not all the songs of archangels can satisfy Him if my poor note is lacking.

Read Revelation 6—My Safety

The great day of God’s wrath shall come. The great day of Christ’s wrath shall come. In that day men will cry to the mountains to fall upon them and hide them. And where shall I find safety in that day? Where but at the side of Christ? Where but in the bosom of God?

Read Revelation 7—My Tribulation

Sometimes it is great tribulation. Sometimes it seems impossible to endure it. Yet how slight it will seem, in that great day! And how glad I shall be that I endured it! Help me in the tribulation, O Christ of many sorrows; and help me out of it, in Thy good time.

Read Revelation 8—My Prayers

It is fine to offer visible worship, to see the clouds of incense rising toward God as in the days of the temple; but God has a better loved temple in the trusting heart, and better loved incense in the trusting prayer. Let me be the priest of such a temple, day and night.

Read Revelation 9—My Seal

Do I wear the seal of God in my forehead? Has God imprinted upon me that mysterious and potent sign, known and obeyed by all His servants, marking me His forever? Yes, if I have surrendered myself His; no, if I have not.

Read Revelation 10—My Time

There will come an end of time, for me and all men. There will come a season when time will be meaningless, lost, altogether swallowed up in eternity. Awful thought, that my use of these measured intervals determines my character throughout that dateless existence! Creator of time, be Thou my guide through Thy creation!

Read Revelation 11—My Kingdom

Let me espouse the eternal success. Let me join myself to the everlasting triumph. Let me become a citizen of the unending Kingdom. And when the petty kingdoms of this world seek to tempt away my allegiance, remind me, O God, of their swiftly approaching end, and of my own endlessness.

Read Revelation 12—My Life

I have a life, which I am to love, even to the death. And I have a life which I am not to love, even to the death. The fleshly life, if I love it, will conduct me to death indeed. The life that is hid with Christ in God, if I love it, will conduct me to the life that is life indeed. O God, my Life, help me to hold to life!

Read Revelation 13—My Patience

What will test my patience? The trying of my faith. For I shall see the wicked triumphing in the earth, waxing rich and powerful, while the good are poor and oppressed. Yet let me remember their end, and trust in my God.

Read Revelation 14—My Death

Every day of my life shall bethink itself of the last day of my life. On that day my works shall follow me, whithersoever I go, and nothing else shall follow me. Will they follow me into rest, the Sabbath rest of God’s children? Or will they follow me into the toil and sorrow everlasting?

Read Revelation 15—My Song

If I am to sing in heaven the song of Moses and the Lamb, it is time I was practicing it upon the earth. It is time I was praising God, and rejoicing in His righteousness, and tuning my soul to His. What shame would be mine if I must be dumb, my first day in heaven!

Read Revelation 16—My Garments

What are the garments over which I must watch against the last day, lest I walk naked, and men see my shame? They are the robes of Christ’s righteousness, the beautiful garments of my salvation. I must not lay them aside. My eye and my heart must be upon them, even in the night time.

Read Revelation 17—My Victory

The Lamb shall overcome all evil; and they that are with Him, called and chosen and faithful, they also shall overcome all evil. What glory, O Christ, to be taken up into Thy conquests! I that seek fame and rejoice in it, what other fame shall I dare to seek?

Read Revelation 18—My Babylon

When Babylon falls, shall I have any share of the fall? Will ought of me–of my possessions, my hope, my life–be involved in it? God grant that there may not be. God grant that I, and all mine, may stand wholly outside of that great ruin; that it may not be in any wise my Babylon.

Read Revelation 19—My Hallelujahs

Let me live a hallelujah life, getting ready for a hallelujah heaven. I must not be ashamed of the glad tidings. I must not be forgetful of the glad tidings. My words of the glad tiding must not be faint or few.

Read Revelation 20—My Record

My record is now making in heaven. How it is making, is not mine to know, or to care about; only that it is making. It is a just record. It is a complete record. It is a loving record. In it are many things of which I am terribly ashamed. In it is one thing in which I glory. That one thing is the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord, cleansing it from every stain.

Read Revelation 21—My Place

It is an abiding place, this country and city to which I go. No uncertainties there, no partings, no changes but joyful ones. It is a happy place, no tears, no pain, no sin. It is a beautiful place, with beautiful scenes and beautiful faces and beautiful words and deeds, and nothing else. Blessed be my Lord, who has prepared such a place for me.

Read Revelation 22—My “Come”

“Let him that heareth say, Come.” I have heard. From beginning to close of the wonderful Book I have heard but one voice, “Come! Come! Come! Come to Me, and be saved, and happy, and strong.” Lord Jesus, I come. Come Thou to me. And through these words I have written upon Thy Word, O come Thou to many souls. Amen.


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