— Read and listen to the Bible being read at the same time; also, A. R. Wells, 1908, shares a (self-application) “tiny meditation” on each chapter.

When Jesus shared with the people of Nazareth that He was the Messiah prophesied in Isaiah, His neighbors became angry and tried to kill Him (Mark 6:1-6).

Click for a brief easy English summary of the book of Isaiah.

1) Read the “tiny meditation” before and/or after you read the Bible chapter to help make a self-appllication of the scriptures read.
2) Want to use both your eye gate and ear gate in taking in the Word? Just click the “Read” chapter to get started.


Click to Read Isaiah 1My Whiteness

My sins are as scarlet, but they are to be white as snow. My soul is ugly as blood, but it is to be beautiful as the soft garment of winter. My sins speak of wounds, but they
shall be healed; and of turmoil, but over it all is to steal the quietness of the snow.

Read Isaiah 2My Pride

How am I preparing for the day when the Lord alone shall be exalted? If I am exalting myself, though only to myself, what a fall am I preparing for my spirit! Oh, there is no safety, no comfort, no measure of any peace, but in humility!

Read Isaiah 3My Food

Surely I shall eat the fruit of my doings. Will it be bitter or sweet in my mouth, apples of New England or apples of Sodom? What I ate today, of joy or sorrow, I prepared yesterday and yesteryear. I gathered the materials, I fashioned them. I cooked them. How does the food taste? And do I want more of it?

Read Isaiah 4My Covert

After the purification, the peace! After the purging, the shadow from the heat and the covert from the storm! And let me not expect anything except heat and storm till I am cleansed from my sin, and my heart is made pure within me.

Read Isaiah 5My Wild Grapes

Surely God has tended me, as a fruitful vineyard should be tended. He has tilled my soil. He has watered it from the clouds, He has shone upon it with the sun. Nothing has failed, that should bring forth fruit; and what worthy fruit has come from the vineyard of my soul? Is not God, alas! A disappointed husbandman?

Read Isaiah 6My Lips

A coal from Thy altar, O Lord of Speech! Lay it upon my lips, though it sear them. Cleanse them, though as by fire! Let them know the quiver of Thy righteousness, the stress of Thy purity; and let them henceforth know nothing that is common or unclean.

Isaiah in the Temple, Isaiah 6:4-5

Read Isaiah 7My Confidence

What though kings set themselves against me, strong men of the earth and powers of the air? My allies fill the firmament, my allies rise from every dust grain. I shall not fear, nor shall my heart be faint. Let them fear that oppose the Lord’s will, and let their hearts justly faint within them.

Read Isaiah 8My Testimony

Against the clamor of evil men, and all the bluster of the world, I will set Thy law, O God, and Thy testimony, O my King! It is my law also; therefore it is a testimony against them.

Read Isaiah 9My Light

A great Light, for a great darkness! I had dwelt in the one, and now I walk in the other. I had known the fear, and now my joy is increased; and the yoke, but now I walk in freedom. For unto me, yea, unto all men, has been born the Wonderful Child.

Read Isaiah 10My Visitation

The day of visitation! Of desolation, and searching, and dismay! What shall I do in that day? Whither shall I flee in that day? Ah, whither but to the Source of the desolation, the Sun whose burning shrivels the chaff? For back of His burning, to those who love Him, there is coolness and there is peace.

Read Isaiah 11My Judge

He shall not judge me after what He sees in me, nor after what He hears of me. His shall not be the spirit of revenge, but the spirit of understanding. He shall see what I have poorly tried to do, and shall cover with it the paltry thing I have done.

Read Isaiah 12My Salvation

Not in myself is my trust. I do not trust myself even for trusting. The Lord is my strength, even to reach to Him for strength. The Lord is my song, even to the impulse for singing. And thus has the Lord become my salvation.

Read Isaiah 13My Dismay

Let my fear be fixed upon the right things. I who fear the penalty, let me dread the sin. I who dread the dungeon, let me rather dread the dungeon’s deed. Care of matches is wiser than care of fire, and the cleansing of sewers than the healing of plagues.

Read Isaiah 14My Fall

Though I were a chief one of the earth, though my throne were on high, yea, though I were as the day star, son of the morning, yet if I contemn the Most High, a hand shall reach up and take me, and hurl me to the depth. For those that despise the Lord, there is nothing but fall.

Read Isaiah 15My Sackcloth

When shall I change my sackcloth for a wedding garment, my spirit of heaviness for garments of praise? When I clothe myself with Thee, Thou Soul of all beauty. When I do Thy will, Thou Heart of all righteousness.

Read Isaiah 16My Prevailing

I am not heard for my words. Though I mount to the high places of petition, though I go to my sanctuary and pray with anguish; if I carry not with me an obedient soul, I shall not prevail. For as the answer to prayer is in Thy hands, so it is also in my hands; in my hands, as they seek to do Thy will.

Read Isaiah 17—My Looking

Whither is the gaze of my soul, and whence do I expect my help? Is it one thing before men, and another in my heart? Is it one thing as I fancy it, and quite another thing in reality? What is the true hope on which I lean? Is it the rock, or a reed?

Read Isaiah 18My Hearing

An ensign is lifted up on the mountain. Am I looking to it? A trumpet is blown with a great voice. Are my ears open to it? When the Lord speaks, let all men be silent. Let me clear my ears and my spirit for that hearing alone.

Read Isaiah 19My Perverseness

If the Lord has mingled in my life a spirit of perverseness, it is I that have opened a way for it, and invited it in. I have trained myself in it, and have not fought against it. If I turn and fight against it, all of God will be upon my side.

Read Isaiah 20My Shame

How do my sins tear from me every garment, the cloak of honor, the coat of respect, the inner raiment of love! I go naked before my foes and ashamed before my friends. And Thou only canst clothe me again, O Christ; and the robe of Thy righteousness alone can cover me.

Read Isaiah 21My Watch

“What of the night?” they will cry to me. They whom God has given me to guard, they whose reliance is in me. “What of the night?” they will ask, “and what of the day?” My answer must not be mockery. True warning must I utter, peril of storm, pleading for retreat, “Turn from the ways of the storm, and find a refuge!”

Read Isaiah 22—My Keys

If I am clothed with the Lord’s robe, and strengthened with His strength, then His key shall be laid upon my shoulder; I shall open and shut, and none shall shut and open. My authority shall be His, for I am His, and all His authority shall be mine, for He is mine, forever.

Read Isaiah 23—My Oblivion

Though I be exalted, if I exalt not the Lord, how shall I be laid low! Though I sing many songs, if I forget to sing of the Lord, how shall I and my songs be forgotten! How shall my merchandise be transferred to others, and my beautiful attire to others, and I myself be forgotten!

Read Isaiah 24My Mirth

Though I shake the clusters on high and press the grapes into goblets, though I shout with the shouters and hold the center of the feast, yet if my heart is empty of God, it shall all be emptied out; and if my soul dishonors the Lord, it shall loathe all other joys.

Read Isaiah 25My Tears

There will come a time when my face will say good-by to tears forever, when they will be remembered only as a dream of the past, when the very memory of them will be forgotten! Not when philosophy wipes them away; not when my will power wipes them away; not when pleasure wipes them away; but when the Lord God lays His hand upon my face in love.

Read Isaiah 26My Stay

There is perfect peace. Not hereafter, but now. Not for the few, but for all men, for me. It is a perfect peace. Not a fret is left, nor a fear. Not a single smallest cloud mars its sky. It is perfect because it is God, and my mind is stayed on Him.

Read Isaiah 27My Keeping

I am a watered vineyard, watered every moment. I am a kept vineyard, kept night and day. No thief shall break in, no enemy shall cut and harm. I am a vineyard, and He who made all vines is my Husbandman.

Read Isaiah 28My Diadem

If I am to have a crown of glory, it is chosen. If I am to have a diadem of beauty, it is selected. The Lord shall be my crown of glory and my diadem of beauty. He shall flash from my head, He shall shine in my eyes, and His words shall fall as diamonds from my mouth.

Read Isaiah 29-My Reversals

Verily my living continually turns things upside down! I reckon God as a man and men as gods. I count the transient as permanent, and the eternal things as matters of a moment. When shall I see clearly? And when shall I know things as they are?

Read Isaiah 30My Wall

Is my life like a breached wall, a high wall broken, that totters, ready to fall? Is it doomed to shattering, that no piece of it shall be found? There are such lives, and they do not know it, though they might know their sin. Lord, forbid that such a life should be mine!

Read Isaiah 31My Trust

It is woe to me, if I trust in man or beast or motionless things, and not in the Creator of all these, who holds them all at the turning of a finger. If I trust in them, I lean upon bubbles; if I trust in Him, I rest upon the Rock.

Read Isaiah 32My Sowing

Beside all waters! Oh, to win the Lord’s blessing for such sowing! Oh, for the full seed-basket, and the ready hand! The plough is waiting, and the ox. Yes, and mouths are waiting, open and hungry. Oh, for grace to sow beside all waters!

Read Isaiah 33My Stability

If my times are the times of the Lord, in my times shall there be stability. No war and the famine of war, no folly and the uncertainty of folly, but wisdom and righteousness, and abundance therewith. For the Lord is good, and all good things are his who is the Lord’s.

Read Isaiah 34My Reading

I will seek me out the book of the Lord, and read. I will not pass over any page or any paragraph. I will give heed to ever syllable. I will begin at the first page, and continue even to the end, and there is no end! I will read as fast as the Lord turns the pages.

Read Isaiah 35My Knees

When I totter upon my way, when my strength fails under me, when fear takes hold of my knees and terror turns my feet backward, O confirm my faith, my God, in that evil hour! Let me fall upon my feeble knees, and let my prayers reach up into Thy power.

Isaiah 35:1

Read Isaiah 36My Answer

When the boasters brag against the Lord, when worldlings mock the Most High, when His foes cry Aha and flirt their fingers in the faces of His followers, how shall I reply! By the silent of indifferent contempt. By the scorn that will not waste a word upon their emptiness.

Read Isaiah 37My Defense

I have an armor; it is prayer. I have a high tower; it is prayer. I have a thick wall; it is prayer. I have munitions of war; they are prayers. Let the enemy rush against me. Let them be as many as the leaves on the trees. My defense shall be one, a single prayer; and I shall need no more.

Read Isaiah 38My Token.

God speaks to me, as to Hezekiah. No longer in the backward shadow, but in the forward dial. In the ordered courses of nature, and no longer in nature’s reversals. But it is the same God, and He is the token, in whatever form.

Read Isaiah 39My Selfishness.

If there is peace in my days, to be heedless of war to come,–what is that but ruin of soul? To be satisfied and sleek, so long as harm comes not nigh me,–what is that but to receive and entertain the chief of harms?

Read Isaiah 40My Tidings.

The Lord has given to my feet an errand and to my mouth an evangel. Woe to my feet if they run not and to my mouth if it cries not aloud! Woe to my heart if it hastens not along the highway, and to my hands if they do not prepare the highway for a way for my good tidings!

Read Isaiah 41My Encouragement

For what have I good courage, but that others also may have it? Why am I strong, but that others may cease to be weak? Why have I a voice, but to say to my brother, “Be of good courage?” Yea, why am I living at all, but to help someone else to live?

Read Isaiah 42My Blindness

I know not my way. It lies all dark before me, a place of groping, a road of stretched-out hands. But I have a Guide. While He brings me where I would go, what care I how He brings me? While He makes darkness light before me, and crooked places straight, what care I how dark or crooked they may be?

Read Isaiah 43My Name

Since God has called me by my name, it is a new name altogether. It would be a new name, for the honor and glory of it, if pronounced by any earthly king. How much more when pronounced by the King of kings! Surely I cannot be less than His, with my fair new name, forever!

Read Isaiah 44My Confirmation

The same Lord that frustrates the designs of the proud, will confirm the word of His servants. If I speak the emptiness of human wisdom, God will bring to naught both it and me. If I speak the words that God’s wisdom teaches, they shall stand when all the hills are vapor.

Read Isaiah 45My Striving

Do I set myself against the Almighty? Do I give His promises the lie and by my life proclaim His futility? Shall the creature set at naught the Creator, the potsherd mock the potter? What is all this but the very crown of folly?

Read Isaiah 46My Counsel

If God be my counselor, my counsel shall stand. If God conduct my affairs, they shall not wander into failure. If God be the Man of my counsel, all men shall enter into my plans and accomplish my purposes. Let me not waver from His ways.

Read Isaiah 47My Haughtiness

All my boastings are vain, and all my confidence, if my life lacks love. None of my possessions shall save me, if I have not that possession. Where is my help, in which I relied? For love alone can summon aid in sore distress.

Read Isaiah 48My Peace

Like a river flowing softly, and all its banks are full; like the sea, abundant in its waters; so had been my peace and my righteousness, if I had obeyed. So, with no lack and no doubt, if I had obeyed. Alas, for the proving of the truth that there is no peace, no smallest rivulet of peace, to the wicked!

Read Isaiah 49My Memorial

I, even I, am graven upon God’s hands! There upon His palms has He written my name, to remember me forever. Day by day He bears me in mind, and in the night He never forgets me. And I would forget Him!

Read Isaiah 50My Tongue

If there are thoughts of wisdom in my brain, if there are words of wisdom on my tongue, they are not for my brain or for my tongue. There, they would mildew. There, they would inwardly corrupt. They are for leaping forth. They are for sustaining the weary. They are for enlightening the world.

Read Isaiah 51My Origin

I am of the air; let me never forget that I was of the rock. I am of the sunshine; let me remember that I was of the darkness of the pit. It is so easy to forget. It is so easy to be ungrateful.

Read Isaiah 52My Purity

I bear the vessels of the Lord. Were it only the name of the Lord, that great thing I bear. And shall I hold it aloft, shining in beauty, radiant with silver and gold, and my hands that hold it to gaze are foul with mire? I must not even touch an unclean thing, I that bear this vessel of the Lord.

Read Isaiah 53My Savior

He was a man of sorrows, that I might be a man of joy. He was wounded and heavy laden, that I might walk unburdened and unhurt. He was dumb that I might speak. He was smitten that I might be healed. Ah, shall He not see of the travail of His soul, and be satisfied in me?

Read Isaiah 54My Enlargement

The Lord did not make me for a narrow tent! He bids me extend the canvas, spare not, lengthen the cords, and strengthen the stakes. He bids me stretch forth my life, build me more stately temples for my soul. And I still live in littleness!

Read Isaiah 55My Thoughts

Surely God’s ways are not my ways nor His thoughts my thoughts. Heaven-high above my ways and thoughts are His. But mine may rise into His. From the earth into His heavens, from smallness into largeness, and from futility into power and peace.

Read Isaiah 56My Sabbaths

The crown of the week shall rest upon my head. The flower of the week shall be fragrant upon my bosom. The climax of the week shall round out my living. This day that the Lord loves shall be loved by me also, and shall enter into the strength of my soul.

Read Isaiah 57My Sea

My life is like a sea. Is it a troubled sea, or a sea at rest? Do its waters cast up mire and dirt, or shells of beauty and food for service? Are its waters fresh or turbid? Oh, enter Thou into the sea of my life, God of purity and power!

Read Isaiah 58My Fast

Endow all my religion, O God, with reality. Let my fastings be clothed with beauty and garlanded with joy,–beauty of brightened eyes, joy of comforted lives. Let my religion reach outward as well as upward. So shall it be inward as well.

Read Isaiah 59My Helper

Do I think that God is crippled? Do I deem that God is deaf? Shall He that fashioned the hand be unready to help? He that formed the ear, shall He not hear? Hush your foolish complainings, O my soul. What is it but impiety to doubt the answering of prayer?

Read Isaiah 60My Glory

My light has come; my glory has risen upon me; the shining of its splendor is about my head, its radiance attends my path. Men see it, and rejoice. I see it, and wonder. It is all because I have opened my door, and the Lord of Glory has entered in.

Read Isaiah 61My Preaching

Because there is a good tidings, it is mine to proclaim it. Because there is a vengeance, it is mine to warn of it. Because there is a comfort, it is mine to give it. Because there are priests of the Lord, it is mine to be called by that name. Mine, and all men’s.

Read Isaiah 62My Watch.
I can see the evil afar. The good also I can see afar. Blessed be God, that my eyes are keen, that the horror of great darkness is not upon them. And what shall I do with these seeing eyes? Shall I not (call) forth upon the walls? Shall I not bear witness of the things I see? Shall I not justify the generous Giver?

Read Isaiah 63My Winepress

There is One that has trodden the winepress alone; but I need never do it. He is ever my partner, though all men fail me. Forth bursts the red flood, the wine is made abundantly, labor is transformed into singing, because I do not tread the winepress alone.

Read Isaiah 64My Fading

Yes, we all fade as a leaf, until we lie in the ground. But not all leaves fade in the same way. Some moulder in unsightly blotches. Some curl up and wither. And some, in a splendor of gold and crimson, flame for days upon the branch, before they form upon the ground a carpet of glory. That last be my fading, O God of the leaf, when my time comes to fall from the tree of mortality.

Read Isaiah 65My Answer

I am quick to hear the call of men, were a ruler to call, or a rich man, a famous man, or the voice of the people. I am quick to call, and alert to answer. Shall I be laggard when the Lord calls me, He that made men, He beneath whose finger the mightiest of earth are as insects?

Read Isaiah 66My Comfort

My Father in heaven, yea, and my Mother in heaven! Strength as from a father, and comforting as from a mother! Nothing is to lack in God—the broad breast, the tender arm, the gentle voice, the kisses on forehead and lips. As one whom his mother comforteth, so the Lord will comfort me.


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