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Introducing — a new daily devotional that doubles as a teaching and study guide in a survey of highly treasured Bible passages from most NT chapters 

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9781631853869largeThe BIBLE & Phone Minute is a daily devotional written for “eyes that see” and recorded for “ears that hear;” but can the book also be used by Sunday School and Bible Study groups in an overview study of highly treasured NT scriptures?

Definitely YES, and you can expect greater group participation right away as members gather to discuss scriptures they will read or listen to during their daily devotions. Also, since the book includes Bible passages from most NT chapters in chronological order from Matthew thru Revelation, your Bible study time will represent a good survey of NT truth with a few OT passages mixed in. You are not required to do so, but those who use the Gideon Bible Reading Calendar as a guide in reading through the Bible each year will find (for the most part) that the order of NT scriptures in this book is the same with a few OT passages also included.

Some groups may choose to study scriptures from sections of the book rather than the entire book; for example, an overview study of scriptures from the Four Gospels and the book of Acts or from the Pauline Epistles or from the General Epistles and the book of Revelation, etc. I personally think that those who begin with a sectional study will later choose to follow through with the entire NT because of the simplicity, popularity, and layout of this study plan.Teaching and Study Guide Quarterlies are shared below to assist teachers that desire to have them.

arrow Online Teaching and Study Guide:

As you think on and pray over the seven Bible passages each week in preparation for teaching, I’m confident you will come up with your own teaching notes and can make it without mine; however, please feel free to copy and adapt anything that may be useful. May God bless you and help you as you share His unfailing Word with others. My prayers are with you. (e.w.)

Please select the appropriate quarter in which you  will be using The Bible and Phone Minute as a study guide with your Bible study group. The password (Bible) is required to enter.

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January – March

April -June

July – September

October – December

arrowGeneral Guidelines for Teachers

1. A survey or an overview study of scripture is different. I compare it to flying over the earth in an airplane and looking down on the mountain tops (and how beautiful and exciting are the mountain tops of scripture); but your group may not have time in your weekly study sessions to explore in depth all seven of the highly treasured Bible passages. That’s why each member is challenged to make a solo flight during the week on their own. It  helps everyone see and understand how the mountain ranges of scripture from a particular book or section of the Bible are connected and complement each other.

2. It is suggested that in each session you proceed by

a) Asking the group to read all seven Bible passages for the upcoming week responsively (without the summary comment). The teacher reads the first passage, the group reads the second, etc., etc.

b) Selecting  one, two, or more of those passages for your Bible study discussion time depending on the amount of time you choose to spend on each passage. You need not be concerned if your group does not have time to cover all seven Bible passages for they will do so in their private devotions during the coming week.

c) When returning the following week, you may ask if anyone has questions or comments about the daily devotionals read during the week. This is also a good time for you to share any thoughts on passages you did not have time to finish the previous week.

3. If you are one of those teacher’s that like to give their group a written assignment each week, I recommend the following handout:


In the spaces below, please write out one or two thoughts that come to you as you focus on each Bible passage during the week. Some of us may actually prefer writing out the entire Bible passage in our own handwriting to help make it a part of us. (Use the back of the sheet if you need more room.)





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