— Read and listen to the Bible being read at the same time; also, A. R. Wells, 1908, shares a (self-application) “tiny meditation” on each chapter.

Moses delivering the Law into the hands of the priests

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1) Read the “tiny meditation” before and/or after you read the Bible chapter to help make a self-appllication of the scriptures read.
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Click to Read Deuteronomy 1—My Retrospect

It is good to take such a review of the past as Moses took. Let me dare to reckon up my disobediences. Let me count God’s kindnesses. Let me see the good way He has led me hitherto. Let me bow in contrition and in prayer. Let me say to my God, “Henceforth I am Thine; do Thou lead me.”

Click to Deuteronomy 2—My Sihons

I know them! I make them fair offers, but they refuse. I will not harm them, but they scout me. I offer commerce, they draw the sword. I, even I, have my enemies. But they are God’s enemies, too, if I am God’s, as Moses was; and they shall not stand before me.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 3—My Forbidden Canaan

It looks so fair, across the Jordan! For so long a time I have been journeying to it, and now to be shut out! Ah, but who shuts me out? It is not God; it is my sin. Let me not blame God, but rather praise Him, that He is a God of justice, and not of weak yielding.

Moses Sees the Promised Land
Moses sees

Click to Read Deuteronomy 4—My God

Who has a God like my God? I will exult in Him, as Moses exulted. Verily, He is high and lifted up! I will rejoice in His power. I will comfort me in His wisdom. His love shall overshadow me in the heat. Oh, who has a God like my God?

Moses Receives the Ten Commandments

Click to Read Deuteronomy 5—My Ten Commandments

The Greatest Commandment
Some of them are easy for me; but they are all for me, the hard as well as the easy. And some are very hard. Lord, let me not rest in the easy ones! Lord, let me not rest in the easy observance of any of them by the letter! Lord, engrave Thy Ten Words upon my heart!

Click to Read Deuteronomy 6—My Memory

There is enough in my past to furnish ample warning for the future, would I only keep it before me. There is enough encouragement to fill with power all my remaining years, and enough happiness to irradiate them with joy. Let me not throw away the life I have lived.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 7—My Enemies

My friends shall not be found among God’s foes. Those that are against God shall find me against them. There shall be no compromise, no alliance, no breach of my loyalty. I shall not wish to be held “liberal,” where God is not “liberal.”

Click to Read Deuteronomy 8—My Pride

In this chapter I see myself. God makes it all possible for me. God gives me the opportunity and the power. I grasp the opportunity, fill up its waiting measure, and then boast within myself, “My power has done it.” Oh, to know my littleness! Oh, for a sane and humble heart!

Click to Read Deuteronomy 9—My Past Sins

Had I a faithful Moses, to rehearse my evil past, to paint it in black, to push it ever before my eyes! I remember my good deeds very well, but my memory is poor for my sins. Lord, be Thou the daily quickener of my conscience. My Father, mercifully remind Thy erring son of his many wanderings.

Molten Calf, Deut. 9:16-21

Click to Read Deuteronomy 10—My Duty

What does God require of me, more than of His ancient people? What, save to fear Him, and love Him, and serve Him? And my fear–is forgetfulness; and my love–is heedlessness; and my service–is perfunctory. O heart, my heart, arouse thee! Think how it will be with thee at the sight of the King in His glory!

Carrying the Ark of the Covenant, Deuteronomy 10:8
Carrying the Ark of the Covenant (Error: Ark isn't covered) Deuteronomy 10:8

Click to Read Deuteronomy 11—My Treasure of Truth

How material is my life, how bound to the things of sense! The treasures I lay up with satisfaction,–are they of wisdom? The richness of my house, the stores I value, the aims I set before others in my conversations,–are they of this world, or another? Let me turn from all this folly. Let me lay up God’s words in my heart.

A Land of Milk and Honey, Deuteronomy 11:9

Click to Read Deuteronomy 12—My Pleasures

Let me never fancy that my Father wishes for me anything less than my delight. “After all the desire of thy soul”–that is His word to me, as to His people of old. He is not satisfied that I am dutiful; He wants me to be joyful.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 13—My Temptations

In many ways I am enticed away from the Lord. False voices allure me, false gods attract me, false friends beckon me. I have no safety but the way Moses pointed out. Let me kill my temptations! Let me hate them with a deadly hatred! Yes, though they spring from my own household, from my own bosom!

Click to Read Deuteronomy 14—My Food

Shall I say that these Mosaic laws regarding food are abolished? That Christ has made “all meats clean?” That is true; and yet God cares as much as ever that I should eat only what is healthful. He has written His law in my members, and I can read it there, as the ancient Hebrews could not. Let me not willfully neglect it.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 15—My Poor

Are they not the Lord’s poor? Did I make them poor? Do I keep them poor? Why should I be impoverished because of them? Ah, I shall not be impoverished! Giving does not impoverish, nor does withholding enrich. It is withholding that impoverishes; for they are God’s poor, and my wealth is God’s, and I am His!

Click to Read Deuteronomy 16—My Commemorations

On such a date God saved me from a great sin. On such another date, He raised me from a severe illness. Again he answered my agonized prayer for a loved one. What were those dates? Why do I allow them to slip from memory? Why are they not become annual festivals?

Click to Read Deuteronomy 17—My Kings

I have set over me many earthly authorities,–my rulers, my friends, my employers, my elder relatives, my pastor. Let them all be subordinate to the King of Kings! I will choose them by His guidance. I will obey them in His fear.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 18—My Prophet

I sorely need a prophet, one who shall guide me with wisdom, encourage me with confidence, comfort me with praise, rebuke me with fidelity. How rare are these qualities, even among friends! But such a Prophet has God raised up, for me and for all men. And I will be His son.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 19—My Unplanned Sins

So much harm I do unwittingly! Yet am I not to blame? My speech was not malicious; yet it cut, because it was careless. My neglect was not premeditated, just heedless; so, perhaps all the more, it stung. Lord, I need Thy forgiveness, the refuge of Thy mercy, for these unplanned sins, quite as much as for those of intention.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 20—My Confidence

The Lord is with me. His omnipotence. His omniscience. His eagerness to give me of His almightiness and His unfailing guidance. Yet I cower and tremble. Yet, oh, paltry wretch that I am! I run to the rear in the battle.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 21—My Justice

There is much in my life that is like “the son of the hated,” much that has a claim upon me, of righteous claim, but inclination runs averse to it. Let me learn to set justice far above inclination. Let me learn how shallow are my fancies, and discover the delight of duty. Let my choice be never my own till it is also my God’s.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 22—My Brother’s Loss

I am to help my brother recover his property, his cattle when they stray, his purse when it is lost. How, when his conscience goes astray? How, when his honor is lost?

Click to Read Deuteronomy 23—My Vows

What the Lord wishes of me, that I must do, and I am not free to vow it or not vow it. Let me do more than is required, Let me add a heaping measure. Let me vow freewill offerings. And then let me sedulously perform my vows.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 24—My Charities
A poor man is such a sorrow to my God, such a grief to wealthy heaven! And I am made so rich by the Father! Is it not that I may make others rich also? How shall I enjoy anything by myself, until all men abound?

Click to Read Deuteronomy 25—My Measures

Before gain, let me value honesty, and before applause, let me honor sincerity. May every weight and measure of my life be just,–what I give others for what others give me, of money, or praise, or position, or love. Let me remember that there are many ways of being a thief.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 26—My Tithe

Surely God would have all my gifts to be freewill offerings. He sets up no counter before Him. And surely God would have all my gifts liberal ones. Surely, too God would have His people grow in liberality, and in love of His Kingdom. Surely He would have me give to His cause more than the tithe of the ancient Hebrew!

Offering of Firstfruits, Deuteronomy 26:2-10
Offering of Firstfruits Deuteronomy 26:2-10

Click to Read Deuteronomy 27—My Curses
The curses that come upon me have not been imposed upon me by another man, still less by God. My own heart has recited them. My own conscience has said Amen to them. As they are my sins, so are they my curses. Fool that I am!

Click to Read Deuteronomy 28—My Blessings

When I do God’s will, when I observe His commandments, the blessing that follow are part of the deeds, as light is part of heat. This is not because I bring the blessing, any more than because I do the deeds. Ah, no! Both deeds and blessings are of God.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 29—My Covenant

I am in a league with the Most High! I am allied with the Almighty! Were such an honor mine from an earthly King, how proud I should be to hold it untarnished! Much more, then, since the honor has come to me from the King of Kings.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 30—My Word

The Word that is to guide me in every perplexity, that is to comfort me softly in every grief, that is to arouse me in every despondency, and warn me in every error, and encourage me in every faltering, and praise me in every achievement,–is not far off, hard to reach; it has been placed by my loving Father in my own heart. Dear God, I thank Thee.

Click to Read Deuteronomy 31—My Joshua

I am not Moses, but I have a work that I have been doing, and that needs to be continued. I am doing it only for today and not for tomorrow unless I provide for its continuance. Let me seek out my Joshua. Let me instruct him and train him.

Joshua is Selected to Take Moses’ Place, Deuteronomy 31:14-24

Click to Read Deuteronomy 32—My Rock

As I look back over my life, I see God more and more as a Rock. My Rock of shadow from the sun, of defense from the enemy, the home of springs, the foundation of my abode. I will have no other Rock. Upon it I will rest my eternity.

Garden of Flowers in the Rain (Being thankful to God for the rain)
Deuteronomy 32:2

Click to Read Deuteronomy 33—My Blessings

I do not need a Moses to declare my blessings on his death bed, for a living God, my Father in heaven and earth, has declared them. They are as many as His thoughts for me, as happy as His love for me, as firm as His arms beneath me. They are my goods, and in them alone will I rejoice.

Moses’ farewell, Deuteronomy 33:1
Moses' farewell Deuteronomy 33:1

Click to Read Deuteronomy 34—My Pisgahs

Let me not, like Moses, see the promised land afar, and be forbidden to enter it. My sins rise up before me, O my God! They are high as heaven, but not so high as Thy mercy. Upon Thy loving kindness, as a golden stairway, I will surmount my sins, and so shall I reach my Canaan.

Moses sees the promise land, Deuteronomy 34:1-4
Moses sees

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