Psalms 117-150

— Read and listen to the Bible being read at the same time; also, A. R. Wells, 1908, shares a (self-application) “tiny meditation” on each chapter.

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1)  Read the “tiny meditation” before and/or after you read the Bible chapter to help make a self-appllication of the scriptures read.
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  Click to Read Psalm 117—My Praise

There are so many things for which to praise the Lord! I may praise Him for His beauty, for His wisdom, for His power. I may praise Him for the abounding excellency of His universe. But the praise He most wants from my lips is praise of what I have experienced, His mercy, which is great toward me, and His truth, which has been shown to me. For this I will praise Him forever.

Read Psalm 118—My Day

Every day is a day the Lord has made. Let me therefore rejoice and be glad in every day. This day is a new gift from God’s right hand. For me it has been fashioned, fresh in the divine laboratory. And shall I take it as a matter of course, or with no word of thanksgiving?

Read Psalm 119—My Law

I have many possessions, but Thy law shall be my chief possession. It is the goodness of all my goods, the beauty of all lovely things, the power at the base of all my strength. As I am true to it, I am true to others, and to myself, and to Thee.

Read Psalm 120—My Neighbors

What shall I do, if I who love quietness am surrounded by lovers of turmoil? Or if my pursuit of wisdom is thwarted by their folly? If the contagion of their diseases is upon me, and if their clouds overshadow my tent? Ah, then let me know the Lord for a neighbor, and let me ever dwell in His house!

Read Psalm 121—My Helper

I lift up my eyes to the mountains, to the lordliest thing that God has made; but my help comes not from them. My help comes from no lordly thing, but from the Lord Himself, the Maker of all lordly things. He that upholdeth them will ever uphold me.

Read Psalm 122—My Goal

Many are the ends of the journeys of men, and many are the goals they have set up for themselves. Be the goal of my desires, the end of my journeys, but one, O my God! In all my seeking let me seek Thee, and in all my finding let me find nothing else.

Traveling to Jerusalem for a Feast, Psalm 122
Travel to Jerusalem for a Feast Psalm 122

Read Psalm 123–My Master

Not always does the servant look to his master’s hand; but where else shall I look, O God, for the direction of my life? Thou canst see the way, however far before me. Thou canst protect the journey, however beset with foes. If I travel in Thy service, I shall know no fear; and if I travel in Thy service I must go Thy way.

Read Psalm 124—My Ally

Not so much that I am on the side of God as that God is on my side! Oh, glorious condescension, that the Lord of heaven and earth will be on the side of His creatures! And yet, being what He is, where else should He be? Where else could He be?

Read Psalm 125—My Abiding

The mountains can be moved, but the Lord who made the mountains cannot be moved. He touches the earth and it trembles; the hills, and they quake. But He Himself never trembles, and they that rest in Him shall always be unmoved.

Read Psalm 126—My Reaping

What matter how it was sown, whether in tears or with laughter, now that the harvest has come? What matter the winter’s snow and ice, and the delay of the spring, now that the sheaves fill my arms? It was mine to sow, and it was mine to wait. It is God’s to furnish the harvest, and His work is better than mine!

Read Psalm 127—My Building

I have tried to build without the Lord, and lo! a tumbled pile of bricks upon the ground! I turned, and build with the Lord, and lo! The walls rise fair and firm, and the sky is their roof, and eternity is their foundation.

Read Psalm 128—My Fear

There is a boldness that befits a coward, and that is boldness in the presence of the Lord! There is a fear of which a hero may be proud, and that is the fear of the Lord! For that fear is the beginning of wisdom. Only a wise man will know that fear.

Father and children around a table, Psalm 128:3
Father and children around a table Psalm 128:3

Read Psalm 129—My Stripes

My back is furrowed with the blows of affliction. Long bleeding furrows are they, and the Lord has sowed in them the most fruitful seed! Out of my sorrows has sprung gladness of heart. My tears have brought me a harvest of joy!

Read Psalm 130—My Watch

Ever, through what I see, I am looking forth, as through a door, waiting to see something more. For what am I looking? Why am I not satisfied with what I see? Why is my soul ever on the watch? Because Thou hast not yet come. Thou who art the rest and joy of my soul. When Thou dost come, it will be as the morning to the watchman who has been watching all the night.

Read Psalm 131—My Humility

It is well for me to know what affairs are too great for me. It is well for me not to attempt a man’s part in matters where I am but a child. They only become men who are willing to be children. And the noblest men never lose the heart of a child.

Read Psalm 132—My Resting-Place

Where God rests, there let me rest. In His abiding-place I also will abide; for He has invited me, and my soul has answered Yes. Indeed, where else can I find rest except where He finds rest?

Read Psalm 133—My Comradeship

Hardly am I one man till I am united with some other man! Hardly is my mind my own till it is exercised in another’s behalf, or my body till it is worn out for another. And hardly can I know the supreme companionship with the Most High till I know the lower comradeship with His creatures.

Read Psalm 134—My Blessings

As Abraham was blessed in order that he might be a blessing, so let me bless the Lord, and receive blessings from His hand! There can be no blessing without reflection. Seeds may grow or die, but blessing must always bear fruit.

Read Psalm 135—My Idols

Am I worshipping silver and gold? Am I listening to things that cannot speak, and praying to things that cannot hear? Am I living for things at all, and not rather for the Creator of things, in whose power they all lie, to give or to withhold?

Read Psalm 136—My Mercies

The mercies that I have from the Lord endure forever. How I need to have the truth repeated, and reiterated, and pressed upon my heedless mind! The mercy of the Lord endureth forever! Though things decay, though friends pass away, though fortune fades and beauty vanishes, and health and even life are gone, yet the mercy of the Lord endureth—forever!

Read Psalm 137—My Exile

Am I in Babylon? Yes, often and often! When I forget Zion, I am in Babylon, but not when I remember Zion. When I weep over the fate of Jerusalem, I am not in Babylon; but I am in Babylon when the fate of Christ’s Kingdom brings no tears nor awakens any fears.

Read Psalm 138—My Answers

In the day that I call, God answers me. Not the next day or the next week, but in that same day. Not always does the answer come such as I had expected or at the moment wish, but it always comes. For God loves to be petitioned, and He loves to answer petitions. Shall He not do what He loves to do?

Read Psalm 139—My Overseer

Does the thought of God as my Overseer trouble me? Do I seek to hide from Him to run away from Him? Do I resent His absolute knowledge of me? Let me commit no longer such useless folly. Let me know that there is no safety for me anywhere except in the knowledge of God; and let me be sure that within the refuge of that knowledge it is perfect love.

Read Psalm 140—My Preservation

I must not be blind to my foes. I must not fall into the dangers that surround me. They rear their heads against me. I make light of them, but they are not light. I build a wall against them, but they overtop any wall. God is the only wall they cannot pass.

Read Psalm 141—My Reproofs

Perhaps my greatest folly is to be angry when I am reproved by wise men. No better blessing could come into my life, except the driving away of the faults that call for their reproof. It is not easy for them to reprove me. They would far rather not do it, and keep my pleasure in them. Ah, let them still have my love, and let it be doubled toward them!

Read Psalm 142—My Prison

Verily my soul is in prison. Bring Thou me out of it, O Redeemer! My prisoner is myself. Rout him O Thou Conqueror! My prison walls are my selfish desires and passions. Break them down, O Thou Captain of my salvation, and let in Thy light!

Read Psalm 143—My Dark Places

I dwell in dark places, I who am the child of the Light. As those that have been long dead, I live in my tomb. It is a tomb I have made for myself, and no man could make it for me. Yes, and no man can release me from it. Stand by the door of my tomb, O Christ, and bid me come forth!

Read Psalm 144—My New Song

I have sung the old song so long, the heavens must be tired of it! I will learn a new song. I will discover new mercies, there are so many of them to discover! I will see new beauties in my Lord. I will anticipate new joys in heaven. I will find new delights upon earth. I will have new communion with God. And from it all a new song must burst forth.

Read Psalm 145—My Desires

The Lord made me with desires. It is by my wants that I grow. It is by my wants that I have enjoyment. Without desire I should be a stick or a stone. The Lord is on the side of all just desires. He opens His hand and grants them freely, because He has opened His hand and inspired them. Why should I fear to present my desires to Him?

Read Psalm 146—My Hope

I have but one hope. I do not hope in the world or the ordering of it. I do not hope in myself or my powers. I do not hope in my friends, however loving. I do not hope in heaven, however alluring. I do not hope in justice, or in truth, or in any other abstraction. My hope is in the Lord my God, the Creator of the world, the Ruler of heaven, the Arbiter of justice, and the Fount of truth!

Read Psalm 147—My Upholding

Am I among those whom the Lord upholds, or those whom He casts down to the ground? Am I downcast or exultant? Is my head held high in happiness, or bent in gloom? Does darkness or light fill my eyeballs? By its fruits I shall know it, this upholding from the Lord!

Winter snow, Psalm 147:16
Winter snow Psalm 147:16

Read Psalm 148—My Concert

How am I joining the universal praise of nature? The morning stars sing together. The grass smiles it to the trees, and the trees to the sky. The birds carol it, and the wind trumpets it, and the sea murmurs its undertone. Am I alone silent amid this singing host?

Read Psalm 149—My Sword

How shall the praise of the Lord be a sword in my hand? It shall drive out, as an armed warrior, my doubts and gloom, and the doubts and gloom of those that hear me. It shall smite fear to the earth, and all worries. It shall slay despair. It shall cleave a way through the foes that most persistently oppose my progress, the spiritual wickedness in high places!

Read Psalm 150—My Praise

How can I ever praise the Lord according to His excellent greatness? My praise is so feeble, and His greatness is so majestic! Ah, for this, as for all duties and delights, His is the power at my command. He will give me words, even for the praise of Himself.


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